Unturned downloading steam common redistributables

A few days ago i had to unnnistall unturned because i was lagging very horrible(from 180 ms to 400 to 800+) with no reason,just in unturned,everything else was fine.

Having unnnistalled unturned i proceeded to download it again,BUT instead of downloading just unturned it was downloading Steam Common redistributables,i tought “ok,is needed by unturned in order to run” but it was downloading incredibly slow,i mean 3 to 5 kb/s,and it was downloading 5 minutes Steam common blabla and 1 minute unturned.
In 3 days everything i could download were just 9 mb of unturned and 182 mb of Steam common blabla so i cancelled the download

Another thing is that i couldn’t open garry’s mod without downloading Steam common blabla
but after i cancelled the download i could open it normally

Its weird…

If your ping is going up randomly in only Unturned you most likely are trying to connect to a server that you have a poor connection with. Since it is taking much longer for you to download things you might want to try restarting Steam or your computer if you haven’t already. It may also be a good idea to do a speedtest for your Internet to see if the issue is somewhere on your connection.


It is unclear what you’re asking here.

nope,i just play in servers that almost never lags(pandahuts vanilla pvp) and doesn’t have mods.And Yes i restarted everything(steam,pc,router,etc) many times and nothing

and about the connection…well without lag at 2or 3 am doesn’t get to 200kb/s download speed,that bad is…

@GreatHeroJ When i tried to play i just couldn’t anymore cause of very weird lag just in unturned,i unnistalled it,and tried to download it again,but it was downloading both unturned and Steam common redistributables at the same time at 3 to 5 kb/s,and if i tried to play something else from steam,the downloads wont let me just enter,like if it was an update for the game im trying to play

Steam Common Redistributables are files and scripts used by various games in order to function. For some reason you’ve needed to reacquire these files again. Just let it do its thing instead of trying to force-interrupt to start up a game.

Also by the sounds of it, you have very bad internet or a poor connection to Steam.

I’ll try to download again…at 5 kb/s…these 15 days will be long…

And yeah the connection is very bad but what can you expect from the worst internet of latin america rn,Venezuela’s internet.Snails are Flash compared to internet here…

Restart your computer and try to shut off as many things as possible that use data. The theoretical maximum speed of dial-up is 7 kilobytes per second so if your connection is that poor there is a major issue especially if it used to be higher at certain times. Assuming you have some form of DSL check to make sure that the router does not have a noise filter that somehow got put on the line if anything with it changed recently.

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I’ve cleaned as much as i could every time i start my pc and also i have a program that stops unneeded processes and i can cleanup the usage of ram.
Also checked router,modem,Dns,etc… but everything else its fine,i can play other games very fine.And no,there’s not a noise filter

These last days(like a month),the internet in the normal peak times(12:00 am to 7:00 pm) has been “good”, like 230 ms(maybe less) in the afternoon and normally at this hours were like 280+ ms

Every problem i have with everything its weird…

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