Unturned – Escalation Curated Map Trailer

Escalation is an upcoming curated map by Dug, NSTM, Renaxon, and Witness Protection.

The final details and finishing touches are almost done. The map is scheduled to be released within the next couple of weeks. As always, it will be freely available on the Steam Workshop for all players.


I friggin love cinematic explosions so im gonna love this map.

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That is one of the trailers of all time, and not in a good way. :unenthusiastic_zombie_:

Have you played the map?

That’s not relevant to thinking the trailer looks bad :admiration_zombie_:

Trailor is too good. Sus. Let’s see what the map will be

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What exactly is bad about it?

The helicopter scene is the worst part with the custom animations, the entire thing feels very unnatural and out of place with the movement and such. It all feels very stiff and the shooting down the beam on the crane just seemed out of place and overly scripted with people just showing up out of nowhere, the pacing in that was just poorly done and the entire thing felt unnatural. It’s even worse than stuff like the Russia map trailer IMO. It not only looks bad but having stuff not from unturned that won’t be in the map seems sort of deceptive.

Also, this is just me personally but exclusively focusing on showing vehicles and PvP and no survival gameplay whatsoever leaves a bad impression and makes it seem like the survival aspect is completely neglected which I dislike.

Otherwise, it’s not completely awful or annything and there are some good parts but the whole thing gets dragged down by the atrocious helicopter scene and completely ignoring zombies and post apocalyptic stuff.

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To add onto this I’d go as far as to say the console trailer is better - while it looks worse visually it actually shows zombie survival type stuff and isn’t just showing people killing each other. This looks like a generic fps game trailer, but worse.

Now we hating for the sake of hating😪

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Will there be bounce landmines? (not for downright evil purposes or anything trust me)


Have you not thought maybe it’s a pvp orientated map?

With no zombies? At all?

Younus… This is the third (fourth?) pvp oriented curated map in recent years



There literally are zombies???

Buak? Kuwait?

Sorry I missed the two seconds of screen time they had :blush:

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Buak and Kuwait were PvE oriented yes

I’m talking about Arid, Polaris, Escalation and I guess Elver too

Wow a pvp orientated map doesn’t focus on arguably one of the weakest points in the game? Who would’ve thought.