Unturned Forums Steam Group

Hi, about a year and a few months ago I had made a steam group for the Unturned Steam Forums regulars. Over that time, we had amassed over 50 past and present regulars (with a few leaving due to personnal reasons), and I though it would be a good idea to expand the forum regulars coverage to the SDG Forums too, as the Steam ones might as well be dead and what’s left be some maggots. Feel free to join, if you have the regular tag here you’ll be almost instantly accepted. I’ll also try adding you as friend on steam to give you an invite to our discord.


I used to be regular. does that count XD.

It does, I remember you being one so yeah. The group is for past and present regs after all.

I’ve already made a group for the forums…

All newcomers should bow down to me


I would say something about yada yada I setup the discord and everyone decided to be toxic and didn’t appreciate the small moderation and now theres another discord with tons of toxic behavior and witch-hunting but meh.

still not going to join, though.

You set up the first Discord, sure, but you actively broke your own rules and started banning people for being “disrespectful”, despite it always being satire.

Then when you joined the other one we made, you started spamming furry porn, started crying about “restricting my freedom of speech”, then left. But sure, play the victim card.



Bottom text

Not the place to be arguing about Discord servers and who’s subjectively right.

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