Unturned FPS lagging spikes when moving camera for no reason

Hello everyone, i decided it would be better to ask this on SDG’s forum. So my Unturned lags and i’m pretty sure it didn’t months ago i don’t know if it is my computer aging, Though my computer specs should be enough to run decently a modern game.
This isn’t the case for Unturned 3.0, I found out that it’s seamless when moving but when i have to turn my camera it lags like hell can’t even fight zombies properly anymore.
Is it a driver problem or is it an option? i tried lowering graphics and closing more running programs but it did very little to this specific problem other than making the game look bland.
I’d appreciate an hand since i can’t even enjoy the game.

What are your specs? I’ve never heard of this problem before.

I’ve also had lag issues, but it seems now that my fps is capped at 5 fps. I played unturned at least 12 hours ago and was running 50-60 fps on max settings without any issues. I logged on a few hours ago and now it seems to be capped at 5 fps. I have a brand new laptop with a 1650ti and an i7 10th gen and it runs any other games perfectly fine.

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