Unturned Game Ban Appeal


I don’t know where to really make this, but here it is.
I was game banned nearly 5 years ago due to cheating which I’ve never done. I have tried contacting support through emails but never gotten a response. I have never cheated in my life and I can prove it. I have played it on different accounts and none of them have gotten banned (don’t get me wrong, I just love the game). I seriously wish to play it again on my main account and I still hope for an unban since it’s a ban applied by the game developer (not a battleye ban). I really miss playing it on my main account and seriously been waiting for a response to my game ban after all these years.

Info for my steam profile:
Steam64id: 76561198317846686 (should be named as Svdly, if so then it’s the right one).

Thats a bold claim, substantiate it
You can’t

Rest assured its a BE ban, they issue the bans in behalf of SDG.

But yeah you don’t appeal game bans heee, or with SDG. You message BE.

As Deus said, game bans should be appealed to BattlEye (as they are the ones who would’ve distributed the ban – not SDG). For more information regarding filing ban inquiries, refer to our KB article on the topic.

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