Unturned Gold?

So is the Unturned Premium/Gold going to get transferred to 4.0? Since its going to be like a separate game. @SDGNelson

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Probably not

well, actually since you will be able to get both games from one store item (check newest devlog) Im pretty sure gold will apply to both of them, but its still up for debate if 4.0 will be payed or not.

No you won’t, that only applies to the beta.

As for op’s question, hopefully not. There is no reason to transfer the DLC to the new game.


We don’t know if 4.X will have a Gold DLC at all, and the discussion as to how Nelson should monetize 4.X (or if he should do it at all) is still quite open.


Mucho loots boxes and unlockae characters that take 40 hours or many $5 loot boxes

game is $1

Lvl 1: colt
Lvl 2: shovel
Lvl 40: ace
Lvl 2802: Maplestrike

Cost of each level is 10 ^ Lvl
Lvl 1: 10 XP
Lvl 2: 100 XP etc.

$1 for 1000 XP
$2 for 2001 XP etc.

Buildables DLC $29.95
Respawn DLC: $49.99
Servers DLC: $120

Overall cost: $2,099.99


Seems legit
EA should learn a thing or 2 from Nelson

i actually cant tell if youre memeing or not right here

He is memeing OMG. If you have read his other posts he has good grammar, which most people don’t have. So obviously when he spells multiple words wrong in a row, he is making a joke.

thank god thanks for the help too :smile:

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