Unturned high-resolution map rendering

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I would like to work on a project, which is a website with a map-related thing, I cannot tell a lot about it because I expect it to be unique. So for the website, I can do, but I do need high quality satellite and paper map view to be zoomed really close to the ground.

I looked at the unturnedme.ga service, which is close to the thing I want to do. I inspected it’s GitHub (unturnedmega/unturnedmega), and looked on reddit, and he said that :

I generated the map in the in-game map editor with a custom module that handles everything. Generating this type of map is really similar to what the “Bake Map”-button in the editor does, but requires you to be comfortable enough with the unity game engine and C# to write your own unturned module.

So he wrote a new module to add, but I wanted to know if it is possible to directly modify the Unturned source code in the Assembly-CSharp.dll to make the render resolution higher.
The fact that it is a module also allows him to render the map in a isometric aerial view.

On the GitHub where he saves his maps (unturnedmega/unturnedmegamaps), the map is divided into tiles, zoom by zoom. I wonder if it’s the only way to get high resolution image, or if it’s just to load faster on the website.

My problem is, I want to do something, but to do it, I need something I don’t know how to do. I’m ready to learn how to do myself, but I’ve passed yesterday and today to find what’s rendering, creating those images on Unity. And didn’t find.

Thank you in advance, please excuse my potential mistakes in English, and the fact I don’t really know how to be concise. I wanted to add more links to be more convenient, but I’m allowed to 2 maximum.


PS: Is this SDG.Framework.Rendering ?

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Isometrical aerial view :

The reddit user who made it (link)

There’s still no answer in 3 days. That’s not a problem ! I’m patient and it isn’t an emergency. I, however, would like to know if there is an other forum where people are more apt to understand my not-so-well formulated question :slight_smile:.
In fact a forum populated with Unturned-Unity experienced people.

It’s divided into tiles so that viewers can more easily zoom in for a higher resolution image, without having to load the entire map at an extreme resolution. When zoomed out, it’s only a few separate images sewn together. When fully zoomed in, you’re looking at an individual tile, and moving around will load in new (and unload previous) tiles.

This applies to spawns also, which is an image that gets updated every time you change position. Even if it looks like something goes off-screen, it’s actually unloaded until you scroll off-screen to see it.

The site is designed to only render what is currently on your screen. This helps with performance and caching.

Hello there ! You’re reading this post because you saw it has an unread comment, aren’t you ?
Well, I’m glad you’re here, because I need your help ! Even if MoltonMontro answered one question, they’re still two to go :

1- Do you know if we can make the satellite/chart of a map render resolution higher directly through the Unturned Source code ?

2- If not, do you know a forum where people might have the answer, like this is a very technical question.

Thanks !

  1. Probably not.
  2. There might be a few people, but they’re not at the tip of my tongue.

Thank you :slight_smile: (at the tip of my tongue, what an english expression :smile: , had to Google it to find it’s meaning )

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