Unturned II/4.0 Zombie Overhaul & Expectations

Welcome to another UII/4.0 topic. This one, in particular, is about how the zombies/Turned should play out soon and how it should differentiate with Unturned 3.0’s. Because there are the lovable and memorable classic ones we all know & there are the conceptualized organic-looking ones, let us discuss how they should work out separately & how they work out together. Let’s get started.


Zombies, or in a unique term, Turned, is the typical menace that all players face every day aside from encountering hostile players. They play an important role in creating a hostile environment to everywhere the player is in. In UII, they should be more interesting than what we have as of now by giving them new several behaviors & interactive ones. Let us dive into more detail in bullet form.

    A Turned should be able to express more than just standing around, killing what attracts them. To further enhance them for UII, they should no longer be a complete idle being and instead, be able to roam freely with no limit to their liking & eliminate their pathfinding limit to instead spread across the map so it may chase for quite some time or travel to far places. They tend to stumble around when they climb objects & if they hit something transparent in front of them that they think they can go through. They should also expect to be more interactive with what’s around them. They should also eat corpses of other dead beings & maybe heal from that instead of regeneration, they should be able to turn slowly in a fixed location to watch the area sometimes, they should be investigative & explore the area of the sounds & movement they located & lastly be able to spawn or seldom be seen lying down, resting to be an ambush hazard until moved too close to if contact is made or when excessive noise is produced. Finally, players will also improve on stealth in UII by being prone & completely still &/or being bathed in Turned bile that can be done by interacting with dead Turned. Just don’t move too much when too close with a real Turned until they get distant. This makes an opportunity for multiple stealth possibilities as they will always interact only with dead bodies due to their smell & in turn, would be a game changer in several ways. In addition to that, their interaction with light & smoke is improved. They will attempt to stay in the light’s spot & fondle with the source & they will be blinded if the source is a flash grenade or a flashlight (as long as the flashlight is pointed to the Turned, they will be blinded & stunned). They should also be capable of roaming in packs, maybe at least 8-20 Turned. They are seen anywhere on the map.

    Turned should react slowly & line of sight should, however, be similar to what we have now, with a little more complex system to further enhance them. Their reaction times should be clunky, delayed & laggy because they should be able to work out with their new line of sight behavior. They will be wary of what moved & will always react to anything that moved the quickest even if it isn’t anything alive with the exception of projectiles. They will always ignore the projectile movement although will react to the impact & investigate it. If otherwise, it’s something alive like a human or animal, they will react then proceed with chasing. Whatever movement & sound they anticipated they will memorize & keep up the chase. They always pair up with each other, as a result, if one manages to take a turn without making a line of sight & noise while the Turned chases, the next time they make a turn they will hesitate for a few seconds then continue running a direction where they presume movement or sound is still present. After approximately 10 seconds of being hostile, they will remain cautious and start searching the area around them until the source or another is spotted, adding another 10 seconds of hostility. If nothing is found otherwise for another 10 seconds, they will turn passive & do their daily routine.

    In combat, Turned should be more formidable against those unarmed & untrained. They will act as they are just like in 3.0 but with some skill-related improvements. One-handed attacks are considered light attacks while two-handed attacks are heavy attacks & one is always faster than the other. Their attacks also slightly slow down victims if they deal damage in front of them. In addition to that, they will now start inflicting bites, a variant of the heavy attack that not only deals the same damage but it also inflicts a sickness debuff. More on that later. Because Turned can stumble, in combat they can be stunned by either shoving them back, countering or blocking their attacks & hitting them in the head with a heavy attack. If one’s strength is powerful enough, Turned can also be knocked down & it usually takes a while for them to get up. Depending on what melee weapon type how much damage can one inflict, Turned are stunned for 0.9 to 1.5 seconds max if hit with a bladed weapon. If the weapon is a blunt type such as a baseball bat or pipe, they are stunned for 1 to 2.4 seconds instead. Ranged weapons also stumble zombies, with low-caliber pistols being the least effective & shotguns being the most.

    Sickness is a debuff received after getting bitten by a Turned. It is received from bites, a variant of their heavy attack that not only deals the same damage but it also inflicts a sickness debuff for 5% in easy, 10% in normal & 25% in hard modes. It causes those to get worse in maintaining their survivability, some of the notable effects are being more fragile in combat, getting more hungry & thirsty, having negative debuffs to last longer & using more stamina. When inflicted, it cannot be completely healed by common medicine but it can be healed faster by common means of medication. Only vaccines can completely get rid of it. In hard mode, sickness can randomly give either tunnel vision, colorblindness or inverted controls with every 10-second passing. It wouldn’t be inflicted after the bite but it will after 10 seconds. After those seconds pass, there will be a 5-second delay before another 10-second countdown to another effect. I couldn’t say how long it would last, but I can say it should last for about 2 minutes in both easy & normal mode while it lasts for 5 minutes in hard mode.

    Turned in deadzones do not gain the ability to blow up anymore. Instead, they are more aggressive & sensitive to what’s around them. They will also more likely spawn to be a variant than a normal one, including a mega. They will carry the effect onwards to even outside the deadzone as long as they remain moving (can’t say alive because they are dead).

    Full moon Turned in 3.0 are essentially buffed zombies to be more dangerous. As for 4.0, it should be taken in a different direction. Turned packs start to spawn more often & 20% of the turned in the map being to be erratic. Turned will also start to locate the nearest base & destroy it if there are at least 3 light sources or 2 generators. The attacking Turned either be a pack or those that came from their normal spawns. All Turned will also receive the deadzone buff although it will not stack.


The style we all love and know, the classic zombie style is the most memorable one throughout the history of Unturned. To have them adapt to UII is quite easy in a manner of their simple design. But to fit in more logically is to have them more organic abilities than giving them abilities of unexplainable reasons of why they got cloaking or everlasting burning abilities to help give them a place in the untold UII lore. Here I will tell what is updated, new & changed that should occur in UII.

Disclaimer: I have used 3.0 models to compensate for the lack of UII character models & I made zombie models to get the idea & not to be accurate on what it should be. There are also some missing concepts & that’s because there is a general idea of what they would look like.


    Erratics are a replacement for sprinters. From the name itself, they are quick on their feet & they get up quicker than normal Turned. They are more observant than their normal counterparts & will investigate sound & movement as soon as possible & have faster reaction times. As speed & hyperactive senses are their advantages, Erratics are fragile & weaker in general. They also don’t bite as their attacks are faster & while they do get up quickly, they get easily stumbled, knocked back & down. While they look like normal Turned, they are easily distinguishable by their hyperactive movement & constant twitching.

    Crawlers are nothing but a subcategory of normal Turned this time around with improvements. They have a steady movement but unlike others, they can’t climb high objects yet they can move through smaller spaces. They don’t have light attacks & attempts to bite more often, making them dangerous. Their attacks slow down victims longer than normal zombies, making them a threat if making distance or an escape. They spawn with or without legs.


    Bursters are a more logical replacement of the burner Turned. Instead of blowing up in flames, they explode in a gas of toxic bile smell that coats players with a scent up close that attracts all nearby zombies. In addition to that, the gas is flammable & once ignited will burn the nearby location. They do not blow upon getting up close, they also attack normally. They are known to be fat & has the biggest hitbox.


    Spitters have retained their place in UII. They can still spit acidic bile into their target. They have slight changes such as slower movement, weaker damage, lack of heavy & bite attacks & being the variant with the lowest health. Their spit, however, needs to land to proc the acid debuff, which lasts for 3 seconds. They still appear to drool with spit, although they also have disfigured heads & malnourished arms. They are the third rarest variant to come across.


    Shrieks are a new addition that alerts nearby Turned. They have the highest hearing sensitivity of all types & can be the bane of those who are ill-prepared. They can hear from a long distance & they are the only type that doesn’t lie down or rest. At 8 meters or less, they can hear crouched & prone movement, eating/drinking & even reloading. Sneaky & steady skills can negate this effect. It, however, is the ony blind variant & it cannot anticipate movement by vision & it will not be alerted if a player stands still or extremely slowly. This doesn’t apply if both the player and the Shriek are on sand or water. On alert, nearby Turned will be cautious but not hostile & will search the area for the source. They are mostly recognized due to the lack of arms but this means that it will rely on bitting to attack, making them dangerous. They are the second rarest type to encounter.

  • MEGA
    The Mega is the rarest of them all. Like in 3.0, the Mega is a hulking & relentless killer with only the desire to destroy. It’s ranged ability is changed for UII, this time it can only throw boulders if it is on top or beside a rock. If nothing otherwise meets these requirements, it will then look for anything big enough to the limit of a bike. What it throws will completely knock out players & immobilize them for a few seconds. It is slightly slower than the present Mega, that’s because it should get a charging ability that it doesn’t use much. It is a potent move that makes it suddenly close in towards a victim to near or at melee range. And finally, it shares a similar but slightly altered Shriek ability. Once it does this, Turned around it start to be hostile & more Turned will spawn, mostly normals & Erratics. Like in 3.0, Megas are found in certain locations only & not across the map.

My current imagination of the Turned are very dark, organic mutations and growths on the apocalyptic buildings, e.g. growths that spawn monsters or creatures attached to the ceiling.

  • Turned versions of players that have their gear
  • Ceiling-mounted grapplers
  • Experiment with more organic design
  • certain types of deaths create zombies of the player which you have to hunt down to retrieve your loot or potentially play as the zombie of yourself after you die
  • throw player external force
  • roam and find your base in the wilderness, wave attacks at night

- Nelson Sexton

Judging from what I read here, these new-looking Turned would look more organic. That means being more horrific in a way. Take note that I made my own iteration of some of these listed up there from Nelson. I will display my concepts of how I presumed they would look like but I will not explain anything further here as I already did due to that fact that these are just alternate versions.

Disclaimer: Again, I have used 3.0 models to compensate for the lack of UII character models & I made zombie models to get the idea & not to be accurate on what it should be. Unfortunately, I cannot do all speculated zombie models for all zombie types, including those that I made myself as of now.


CEILING-MOUNTED GRAPPLERS (please forgive my oversimplified concept)

What do you think of my predictions? I know I won’t be 100% accurate but this is all that I can think of what is to come. Comment down below what you think they might be. And stay tuned to what I have yet to bring.

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it’s long so it must be good

-Danaby 2


Seems interesting and well-thought-out but I’m not a fan of having a sickness that randomly gives you inverted controls. For a counterpart to 3.0’s berries I’d be fine with inverted controls but I think that a sickness should just give maybe a few swaying effects or slightly impaired movements every now and then to replace that.

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I like it. At first I thought you were going to just suggest the 3.0 infected but with better AI but you went beyond that; however, I still think the post is a bit grounded in 3.0’s thinking.

I think you are missing some of the opportunities that an extra dimensional anomaly could bring. Not all of these Turned need to be infected humans or even mutated ones. They could be otherworldly creatures with various abilities and high intelligence instead of slow, stumbling mutants (or a good mix of both).

I do agree with human/possible animal Turned mostly retaining their original looks with various mutant variants. I wouldn’t mind seeing a smarter Turned variant (and probably some of the more regular variants wielding them rarely as well) that retains the use of player equipment, including melee weapons, and in certain locations, firearms. They wouldn’t have the best accuracy but it would provide them with a solid ranged option, while melee users would simply do better in melee combat.

EDIT: I do have an issue with randomly being given inverted controls. Screen effects should be the only thing you recieve (other than say less movement speed).

Overall I really think it comes down to me having more ideas to lay down on a good post, rather than any big flaws with it. Good post (not biased because tehswordninja model in one of the pictures)


I like the zombie model speculations, i’m totally hoping they look something like that.

sounds OK but I think the Turned should look kinda bloody, with the lumps and stuff growing from out of the skin, ripped through the clothes, etc.


This suggestion souds great good work on the models too!
Would love too see this ingame

Limiting the Turned to anthropomorphic beings limits the creativity. I have an idea for a non human-like Turned that could fit a good role for difficulty increase:

The Ameboid

  • The ameboid is an amorphous, dark colored translucent sphere or splat of goo. Inside it contains a nucleus, one like a cell would have.
    -Slow but dangerous: The ameboid would have a really slow crawl (slower than a 3.0 crawler), but would be almost completely impervious to damage. Shooting the goo simply doesn’t cut it, and the only viable way to kill it is blowing it up or shooting it with Hollow-Point bullets, which kill it with hydro shock. It’s main attack would be attempting to engulf the player, dealing a large amount of damage overtime, albeit slowly (The player can probably grab it and pull it off with the action button, but it would still be alive after that.) It is also extremely quiet, and can sneak up on unsuspecting players.
    -“Where can I find it?” It would spawn in deadzones and in dark underground locations, as it would be pretty harmless if it spawned in open space

I’m sorry, but a few of these seem like l4d2 ripoffs xd

But, sure, why not.


Certified pretty good
I’ve actually never seen a post suggesting different concepts for Turned with actual models (although I have seen 2D artwork of Turned Concepts)
But yeah, I think random inverted controls as a result of the sickness debuff is a little bit too much.

Wish I could model my own suggestion


I think an incredible idea, but I think they should have even more variations like turnouts that climb walls or jump great distances (not so big but bigger than the player’s).
I personally hope that the Unturned II is very hardcore almost forcing the players to PvE.

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Yeah like dayz people are way friendlier there i don’t nearly get kossed there as often as in unturned

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