Unturned II - bases and buildings

Unturned II should contain: (bases and buildings)

  • Harder to craft and find raiding stuff, especially in survival/Vanilla servers.

  • Buildings and bases should be harder to destroy.

-Lower horde beacon reward.

-More defensive items .

-New types of metals to build.

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Clarify. What type of defensive items? Different type of metals to build?

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Metals: steel, copper, aluminium.
Defensive items: new traps, cameras designed for bases, ‘alarm’

New traps because zombies will be avaible to walk outside cities.

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Horde beacons will almost definitely not be in Unturned II.

Also, just a side note, try not to describe suggestions as if they are additions to 3.0, considering the two will be drastically different, fully separate games. (e.g. “survival/vanilla servers” do not need to be specified, we’re not talking about a mod for Unturned II)


I would be very impressed if you managed to get enough copper out of wires to build an entire wall, or melted down enough soda cans.

okay, no no no. Copper and aluminum are important materials for making electrical wiring. Also, steel falls into scrap metal, because the average person can’t precisely tell the difference between steel and iron.

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Noone is Talking about MOD. I’m saying that Unturned II should be ‘survival’ much as possible which Nelson has focused on. However, i’m giving tips that effected Unturned, and made the game too easy. There is no update about this theme, which means that Nelson hasn’t realized that it effects the game. Since Unturned II will be focused on survival, it is important to specify ‘survival and Vanilla’

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Steel is harder and stronger than iron, although most of it is iron. Steel can be more darker, so we can tell the difference.

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Actually, I’m pretty sure steel and iron are the same strength, but iron is a lot heavier.

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Actually, steel is stronger

Hmmmm alright. Maybe I’m wrong, or remember the details incorrectly but I had a family member who worked t a place where they made steel, and steel beams for building. Maybe I don’t remember correctly but mmmkay

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I was pretty damn sure. Not everyone has the time or energy to go and look up everything about everything. I had thought that steel was the same strength because I believe a family member, who had worked at a place where they MAKE IT had told me that. Please don’t tell me to do research crap, I may have only been on this forum for around 8 months but I Know when it’s reasonable to research stuff or not. This was a comment, so FFS do NOT tell me to research stuff for a reply.

Alright, now that I blew off some steam, mmkay

Edit:actually nearly 10 months.

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Yeah I know. I blew off some steam so now I can be more reasonable.

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I don’t think horde beacons should be in the game at all! Imagine whipping up a generator that attracts zombies and then getting a .50 cal when you kill enough of them

Mac. Please dont respond to posts 3 monhs after they have died. Also, horde beacons where ruled out by the community at least 8 months ago.

I think Nelson should do something like Rust, you can destroy it by hand, but the basic wood has around 800 hp etc. you could destroy everything, but with a time, and when you have explosives it’s easier than with tool, but on the iron one you have to use around 3 weak or 1 strong explosive, just my idea