Unturned II Bug Reports (

There’s two issues I’ve found in the latest update so far:



You can wear infinite amounts of clothes and accessories, self explanatory, just drag more clothes onto your playermodel. Wearing Ghillie clothing on top of regular clothing looks like you just taped grass and leaves to your regular clothes and while it looks stupid, kinda want that to be a makeshift ghillie feature in the future.

Your head gets stuck off-center from the rest of your body, and your clothes are slightly turned (haha puns). From what I can tell it’s an issue with the modular backpack and plate holder being worn at the same time, but I can’t tell what exactly causes it, and I’ve only replicated it twice. Expect me to update this soon, hopefully with video.

This is all wrong and there’s no bug. Apparently just holding a gun makes you turn your body at an angle and it just looks really weird if you look down


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