Unturned II Buildings

I put an Unturned II proportioned building into U3. It doesnt follow the standardized window frame sizes, but I thought it was worth trying out anyways. I’ve been working on a little art project with the UII style since development got paused.

The window inserts that fit inside the frame are 0.1m wide and are offset from the frame by 0.05m, and the frames are 0.35m wide with a thickness of 0.1m. The smaller windows on the upper floors have double hung window frames, and all the other windows are designed for a single pane of glass. I tried to follow the proportions given in that old screenshot of an Unturned 2 building released a long time ago as well as what’s offered on the wiki. (Building made using Craven’s UII blender tool)

The U3 character can actually run up all the stairs and barely fits under door frames.

Player Model Comparison (U3 vs. U4 v2)
Screenshot 2022-11-20 161946


Just like with your post from last year, this is quite a fun little showcase. Shoutout to @CravenWarrior for the time put into their Blender tool.


Nice work, Matt.

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Thanks, here are Images to clarify what I meant in the post

I have also been testing windows even further from the standards to give some perspectives. Door frames inside of frames as well as arched doorways and different roof lines. (U4 v2 player)

Doors with frame above for ventilation

One day my plugin thing will have stairs that properly support different sizes. I can’t remember what the issue there actually was.

Planning a project for this week that may push me toward getting back to that tool though.


It worked for a stair I made with 0.25m step height and 0.5m depth, I assume you are talking about the step height which isn’t supported at the moment. It still has worked great though.

Also, last photos I’ll prob share for now, but I made a log fort. The logs are 0.25m in diameter and it works perfectly to fit door and window frames.

Its kind of hard to tell in Eevee but this model has actual textures instead of solid colors. I used the wood log texture in the Unity packages and made other variants for different colors of wood and the fire place uses a variation of the example boulder textures. Wood ends use a variant of the end cap texture in the tree example file. So all textures are less than 64x64.

That looks awesome! Good work!

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