Unturned II CHEATS spawn system

When using CHEATS (just a idea) have like a Minecraft creative system instead of have to type /give 4 to get a eaglefire (this should be also in 3.0) the same should go to map building


To do this in 3.0 would be too much work I think

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3.0 already allows you to spawn stuff in if you’re the “admin” using similar commands.

i no but with that system you need to know the id

You didn’t read it right. Elite suggested a menu where you can pick items from a list instead of using commands to spawn stuff in. So not the other way around.

Oh, okay.

I would love there to be some kind of spawn menu or at least use gun and item names instead of Ids when spawning things. This possibly would be a bit much for working on Unturned 3 though.

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no, my guide about ids will fail then xd

what if the cheats system utilized the crafting menu

there you punch in what you need and type in the amount you want
note the crafting menu would have every item in the game


That would be perfect, like all crafts unlocked and insta craft everything u want without any material requierment. This would apply for admin if he turns it on