Unturned II Development Paused

Unturned II Development Paused

May 11th 2022 by SDGNelson

“Summarizing some relevant factors from my personal life, and how Unturned will be affected going forward.”—SDG Blog



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100% understandable.


While it is understandable that many players expected/expect things to always go with no delays regarding Unturned II, I personally don’t have any issues with it.

It is true that the initial announcements back in 2017 weren’t the best way to reveal the project now that several years have passed. I like to think that at some point bigger updates and informations will come, but I have never thought about the project being a complete replacement of UI from day 1 like some might have.
But it’s great to hear that initial plans for the sequel can make their way to Unturned, like it was said almost 5 years ago, Unturned would still receive updates, and Nelson has never failed on that!

Solving personal issues will always be the priority obviously, and I’m glad that Nelson can overcome them :small_smile_zombie_:


Thanks @OPFOR and @Oyamat! :heart:


As sad as it is to hear, we understand and want the best for you.

And i would like to thank you for even bringing the project this far, and what ever you end up doing with unturned II, it was fun to watch and think about the possibilities, thank you for that!


A break is healthy and good for any piece of work/art, take all the time you need Nelson!

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