Unturned II Devlog #014

The ultimate fan-service awaits you in the latest devlog! It’s mostly just a general update post, but it addresses several of the more recent discussions that have occurred on the SDG Forums. New tools are also included in the post.


very nice :ok_hand:

notices your character/weapon files
OwO what’s this

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Been waiting for a new one :smiley:

Nice, good stuff all around; even if it is all technical stuff I don’t understand. :slight_smile:

Just appreciate the G17 then. :]


Finally tackling on that spaghetti coding problem. -ish.


Oh god yes another ASMR tutorial by nelson, an itch that hasnt been scratched since the editor tutorials


Hopefully someone or nelson will make a blender plugin for this.

may the people rejoice

Yikes, unfortunate that there was a miscommunication with the France team about the timed-curation. At least it’s all settled out now.

Also there’s that beautiful Nelson voice that I’ve been waiting to hear for so long

This is super helpful for modders getting to know how to use the new rigging and animation mechanism for characters in 4.0. Great devlog :smiley:

I thought its a G19 it even looks more like a G19 than a G17
Im a glock guy

holds gun with left arm
pulls slide too much to the back
holds gun with both hands in an uncomfortable position


So the entire thing about curated maps being permanent because of their pure vanilla style vs time curated who would be removed cus not that vanilla is fake right?

That’s my bad. Meant to say G19 since that’s what it was originally added as. Devlog 14 referred to it differently.

That aside, the visual differences between the G19 and G17 have to do with proportions, which is something Unturned takes creative liberties with. It’d be quite difficult to discern such things, regardless of how you identify yourself.

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Wow that animations remember me for making that old minecraft sttuf lol but i like it thanks again for the news <3

you were kinda right because he named it after Glock17 (G17) even dough it look more like a Glock19 (G19).
But at the end, it will not even matter the 2 pistols are so similar to each other in terms of looks and even specifications
Why do i even complain.

Pretty much everyone in this community goes crazy because of some picky and blurry gun details the human eye can’t catch to define what IRL counterparts of Unturned weapons are, we gotta quit this…

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Me right now:


I like the way you say hello…

Anyway, I cant wait till’ the new animations are ready!

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