Unturned II Devlog #026

any one has a server up ? for horde mode

There’s several servers up, just use the server browser.

Earlier today a couple of the servers saw 10+ players during their peak.


That’s actually amazing!

Awesome, I played the horde mode in a server with around 9 players and it was really epic!

Damn i remember doing that when i was 10 years old jesus

There pretty borken rn the guns cant reload

hers a little tip for you gamers how to fix gun reload.so every time u reload it will happen so what u do is while getting chased by zombies u jump off the high ground and pull it out of the hand’s slot on to the player so you won’t get eaten by zombies and then it will be ready to shoot again :> your welcome

ohhh this is hot!!

Where are the server players? I could only test the beta today, I would like to play with someone.


ahhhh yes
horde mode


When does a new devlog come out?

When Nelson is done doing whatever he does.

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Devlog 26 just came out, so probably a couple of months

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There’s really no telling, but if you want a prediction, @HoldBaker has presented the data for Devlog numbers 001 through 025.

I wouldn’t say that @KingFrog’s prediction would be out of the question, but it certainly wouldn’t unprecedented for it to be less than a month either.

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Good timing ! https://blog.smartlydressedgames.com/unturned-ii-devlog-027/

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Wtf. Its been like 2 weeks. But epic

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This aged like fine wine.


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