Unturned II Devlog #034


Unturned II Devlog #034

April 10th 2020 by SDGNelson update continuing work on saving and loading.

I had actually been planning to work on melee this week. Yet here we are! Lots of nice improvements to share. In case you would like to share your melee suggestions here is the current status: https://trello.com/c/Ns9jDz2r

Newly Saveable

Eventually it would be great to be able to quicksave and then immediately quickload without any noticeable changes. In this direction, many more objects are now integrated with persistence:

Firing Range

All of the firing range props use the blueprint functionality. Target distances, clay trap speeds and even the in-flight pigeons are stored.


Car placement and most of the components e.g. signals, engine, window up/down, etc are stored. Passengers are loaded into their seats - though in the future there should be a distance cap on this.


Holographic optic colors, aim direction, and a few other assorted pieces of data are saved.

Object References

Passengers being loaded back into their seats is the first form of saved objects referencing each other. 3 did not support this whatsoever, and it should open a lot of interesting possibilities. For example, using the car keys to beep the paired car like you might when trying to find your car in a parking lot.

This does bear some more work to do however. It uses unique names at the moment, but this will not work well if transferring savedata between servers. It will probably be replaced with GUIDs.

Background Tasks

IO is now handled asynchronously, and falls back to blocking IO during an “emergency save” like when the game window is closed. This allows singleplayer to run periodic autosaves in the background (every 5 min) without stuttering.

One unexpected challenge here was that the autosave screenshot had to be made asynchronous as well. This had the nice benefit of speeding up normal screenshots too. Similarly the screenshots do a quick forced render and blocking IO during emergency save.


I have two questions.

  1. Why do I have a scope on the front of this? I don’t remember what it was like before the update.

    How do we start a new save though.
  2. Did Firing Range secretly get a revamp?

Good question.

No, why do you ask?

Take a closer look at that image.

I see an icon of the map and some info about the save.

Of which map.




You equipped it to the top of the handguard.

I just remembered why I did that. What about starting over with the map though. I haven’t seen a button that does it and if I wipe my autosaves it still goes back to the last save I have.

Wait are you working on Unturned as in coding stuff?
I thought the employee status was just for handling the community

He’s directly quoting Nelson saying that from the blog.


oh oops, I am very capable of intelligent thinking I promise


This isn’t right. Devlogs aren’t supposed to come out less than 2 week between the last one


Lets have a third in another week or two to make this even more of an extraordinary event. Coronavirus is changing everyone including Nelson. He probably has a better shot at getting toilet paper than you do though.

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You have a red-dot equipped, when you have a 1x optic, you can put another optic with magnification in front of it to magnify the 1x optic. This makes sense and you’ve also equipped it further on the rail, instead of replacing the 1x.

The issue was that I didn’t know why I had it there when I started on a new save. I didn’t know that it loaded into the last save you had and I was trying to create a new one but I couldn’t figure out how.

Neat option, but no it does not (unless Nelson adds a way to enable us to toggle optics on an off)

Ah yes double scope, 2 times the zoom and accuracy!