Unturned II Devlog #038

https://blog.smartlydressedgames.com/unturned-ii-devlog-038/ update with permissions and converted models from Unturned.


Thanks for editing Tyler :kissing_heart:


About 5 minutes ago I saw update # 28 and have never been so excited about a game :smiley:

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Also optimistic about the optimization, although they are constructions of Unturned 3.0 we must consider that this is the biggest map ever released in the beta, and I had about 30 fps considering that there is still a lot of optimization work to be done.

Yes of course I still got quite similar performance of about 25 fps with medium shadows, medium grass, medium vision, high post processing and a 70% resolution scale which is really cool since I don’t have such a good PC

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Carpat, prepare to be revived!

Honestly, not as nice as the UII assets.


At least the lighting makes it look much better

but yeah it doesn’t really fit well



I noticed the satellite dishes on the roof of scorpion 7 looked really good. Looks like they had some extra detail. I think it was just the simple sharper edges.

And the big red and white cell tower looked good in the U2 light.

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Unrelated but whats the hour amount required for the beta now?

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The current playtime requirement is 1,250 hours.


6 minutes if you shitpost hard enough


I think those dishes were on the original scorpion 7 from pei. Not sure though.


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