Unturned II Devlog #039

https://blog.smartlydressedgames.com/unturned-ii-devlog-039/ update with Scorpion-7 defenses, electric flashlight and dual-wielding pistols.

Trirotor Drone

Scorpion-7 personnel left these automated defenses watching over their facility during evacuation. Their scanners detect motion, so you can stand still while they pass over you to remain unseen.

It may seem odd to add robots before zombies, but these were a good match for the features in this update e.g. reworking some aspects of the weapon rigs for dual-wielding allowed the weapon animations to play on the drone. I also want to have a good basis for AI in the game before starting the open-world roaming zombies.

The drones share the same weapon code as players. This was a big step up from Unturned where the sentry guns have their own implementation of the gun features. Sharing the code will be useful for AI humans, sentries, mounted turrets, vehicle turrets, etc.

I am curious to experiment with enemy variety for Unturned II. I think that different locations having different enemy types with different strategies (e.g. the motion sensors) will help spice things up.

Flashlight and Pistol

A one-handed flashlight and batteries have been added. This should make the maps explorable at night time. I went a little overboard with the electric item features: the battery voltages and amp hours are measured, and affected by whether the item is wired in series or parallel. Depending on feedback I might simplify this to stored joules instead.

The one-handed test pistol from ages ago has been brought up to date, and 9mm ammo was added for it. Note that some aspects like dual-wielding reloads have not been sorted out yet.

Future dual-wielding changes needed:

  • Animations that affect both hands. For example reloading the gun with a flashlight should use the flashlight hand to grab a new magazine.
  • Two-handed grips for one-handed items. Holding a pistol with both hands would enable aiming down sights.
  • Adjust item pose based on the paired item. Holding a pistol and flashlight should rest the pistol arm on the flashlight arm.


Following all the improvements in 2.8 and Epic officially supporting Blender with Unreal, I have been getting back into using Blender full time. Soon I intend to work on some Unturned II addons for Blender. The trirotor drone was my first character made with the tool in a long time:

Persistent Reference Improvements

When saving the game the drone spawners keep a reference to the drone they spawned, and likewise the new item spawners on the Firing Range keep a reference to the latest item they spawned. This allows the save to be loaded without respawning existing enemies, and led to a variety of savedata improvements. In the future this will be used for items like car keys to be referenced by the vehicle.

Miscellaneous Fixes

There were a lot of fixes behind the scenes as part of the other features, but these ones are actually relevant to gameplay:

  • Handbrake animation now stops when exiting a vehice.
  • Pressing R to reload does not interrupt the reload in progress.
  • Spawn item command was not formatting the name properly if the item got merged (and subsequently destroyed) during grant.
  • Falling out of the map will teleport back to a spawnpoint.

Unreal Upgrade

The engine was updated from 4.24.3 to 4.25.3. This should not have much noticeable impact. I did however replace my hacked-together animation graph linking with the new built-in animation layers features.

Weapon Skeleton

Originally the motion of the weapon in the denizen hands was kept in the weapon animations, but this was a bad idea. It meant every character weapon anim needed a matching item weapon anim, and weapons could not be static meshes. For everyone’s sanity this has been moved into Weapon_L and Weapon_R joints on the character, and the anim specific to the weapon e.g. chamber sliding back can be played on non-characters like the drone. The fire axe was converted to a static mesh.

Other Trirotor Drone Stuff

Since they are pawns you can actually play as drones in the editor. It might be fun to have an admin command for that at some point.

The attribute modifiers (used for attachments and wearables) were used to modify the drone stats to make them worse at aiming. Unfortunately the AR is so accurate that the drone has literally a +10,000% worse spread stat. This might need to be reconsidered.

Since drones cannot reload they have infinite ammo, but this feels like a cheat. Bandit AI will need to be able to reload as well, so at some point I would like to have a machine the drones return to for ammo refills.


Anyone Know where the pistol is on u3 map?

my only suggestion is that the voice for the drone is changed to just be the classic Nelson: “hello”


I considered that actually, but thought it might be too similar to the portal turrets. (probably obvious but it is a recording of me saying Target Found / Target Lost) Maybe for a hal 9000 style AI of some abandoned facility on a future map.


If you need a Nelson impersonator, i’m your man


I too am vouching for the drones to become direct Portal references, other than that, the dual pistols are pretty cool- (They do have a higher fire-rate than expected and don’t seem to have reload animations so far) …and I’m happy to see batteries have made a return. :simple_smile_zombie_:

Screenshots I took


It would be cool in the future to be able to control these drones in some way, the bases would have a much more robust security system hehe

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Holy fuck, sweet ass drones.

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drones were rather unexpected, ngl

modding will be fun in UII :griefer:


0.01% Easter egg voice line? :thinking:


These cool images are getting more and more deceptive to being closer to a finishing product :smiley:



Yay no more infinite flashlight

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Damn can’t wait to see what other AI we have to fight. Making the drones protect scorpion seven will make scorpion 7 unique and maybe it can house better loot now we have an AI with guns protecting it. Or at least Scorpion 7 will be mid to end game, instead just another place to loot with the same difficulties as the civilian town next to it. Very cool, will make the map feel more diverse.

Also I skimmed the comments and thought people where asking for voice-lines and wasn’t excepting them to talk. Got near it and it scarred the shit out of me, thought someone was in my room. I really like the voice line. Maybe we can see more robots or sentries with lines down the road. Maybe melee wielding robots protecting scorp 7 or some kind of robot mini boss, that would be epic.

And perhaps drones for our own base maybe?

(Amazon takeover 2035)

Oh and also the pistols, yes yes yes. Look good and SOUND so good. I love the sound as they sound louder and more threatening than the other guns. Sound 10/10.


I Think there should be a mechanic by which we can hack or take control or assemble these drones, and give them commands and send them to different locations or set them to patrol our base. Another cool drone would be plane like drones that fly high above or circle around a region.
And a few variants or reskins of these drones for military bases.
There can also be ground based drones that protect the interiors of buildings and tunnels.
Some of these could be kamikaze variants.
As for mounted weapons i think there should be some modifications done to weapons before mounting like no stock or some differences to make them more optimised for use on a drone.


Again I must praise the performance and optimization, even though we still have that problem of 12 fps in the singleplayer, and 35 fps in the servers for a beta unturned II has an enviable optimization.

It would be nice to be able to program his route around the base, obviously at a short distance from the base, I don’t want drones walking around the map.

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This looks interesting. I’ll have to hop in and mess around with them.

Imagine a Scorpion-7 underground facility where the Surface entrances are guarded by the drones. While inside the Facility tank track robots would drive around for example:

These ones are from Ghost recon: Breakpoint and I would like to able to control the drones so I can become a ghost.