Unturned II Doors + Recap [Mega-Post]

For the last topic I will probably make in 2022, I thought I would recap some of the stuff I have made so far in the UII art style as well as some new barricades.

I made some doors in the Unturned II Style… forgot to include the glass in the render again, but its in the model viewer below.

Left door is what I would see at a gas station with a push bar on the back. The middle door has handles on both sides and is found at a lot of office buildings. The right door is found at restaurants and swings open with no handle. I think it makes sense to include other handle types, and even if a door can be open IRL with just a push or a pull it should still be opened through interaction rather than player movement. I also believe double doors should open separately or at least have an option to open them separately compared to U3. I have been making all my double doors 3m wide instead of standard door width times two(1.75m x 2=3.5m), because a 3.5m wide door with a height of 2.25m looks weird and it should just be smaller IMO.

Left door is a prison door, middle door has a glass pane, right door is just a basic door with a knob. I have been framing the area for the glass pane to be held. The frames are 0.05m thick and 0.15m wide. The doors themselves are 0.1m thick.

Left door has a pushbar on the back, middle door is just a basic wooden door with a handle on both side. Right Door has a deadbolt because maybe you want two locks sometimes?

Model Viewer

I made a set of houses, some you have seen before, some I have never shared. The untextured houses are WIP and I left them because some people probably like to look at that. The closest row is larger homes I have worked on in the past that are in a southern style, all made over a year ago. The middle row are called shotgun homes, they are prevalent in southern USA, but most remaining homes are in New Orleans, Louisiana. Furthest row are bungalow style homes. Some of the homes have attics, some have basements, some have chimneys, I think they work on some buildings but not all. Most frames follow the standards on the forum but the front windows on the shotgun houses are taller because its necessary for the style. For the hole into the attic, it is 1m x 1m, and I think it works well at that size (Front right house).

Model Viewer

This is the building I shared a few weeks ago. I retextured it and changed some of the proportions based on feedback and added glass and window jambs/sash.

Model Viewer

This is a jail I made to go along with the jail cell doors. Its an older style jail, and I tried out bars over the windows since jails actually have windows sometimes. The bars fit perfectly inside the frame while still allowing room for a window jamb. Both buildings look the same on the exterior, but the interior for the left is like the prison from Germany, and the right has an interior like the prison on PEI.

Model Viewer

Here are two other objects I made. I made a log fort and a bridge using I-beams. The bridge isn’t my favorite but I definitely think a bridge in that style can work for UII and it taught me a lot about using curves in blender.

Model Viewer

Model Viewer

This is what I have been following to texture my models. We need more pixels this time, unless it ends up not doing this, but I feel like it will be a bit of both based on what I have seen so far, just like U3.

Here are the windows I made a couple weeks ago if you missed that post.

Model Viewer

Lastly, I made a couple office buildings. Left building is from Unturned 3.0, you can find it in Seattle. The second building is if I recreated it exactly following the guidelines on the wiki with a 3m room height and just an elevator shaft. Third building is what I am kind of assuming we would see in UII, it follows all the standard window sizing, the room heights are 3.5m, I dont think that is a big deal since it doesnt seem to be followed 100% of the time. IMO 3m room heights are the minimum but not followed necessarily like Unturned 3.0 where everyone always has the 4.25m room heights in everything. The third building features a much-needed stairwell (4.5m x 6m is minimum dimensions for a stairwell with a handrail and walkway that is 1.75m wide.) The fourth building is what I’m guessing we would see in UII mods, bottom two floors have higher ceilings and an open area, all the floors have bigger windows that don’t follow the standards at all. I didn’t texture them since I probably won’t be using them in the near future.

Edit: Adding these last buildings here, since it’s probably the last I’ve got for 2022 and the hardest ones I have made so far. I wont be surprised if someone guesses which island it belongs to. Also, you can run up the spiral staircase, I tested it in Unreal. I think angled staircases need a navmesh though. I also have it set up with Unreal Nanite and the tris count isn’t that bad for its size.

Model Viewer


Model Viewer

Most of these buildings were made with Craven’s UII blender tool.

Any future posts about map objects will most likely include interior details, exterior details and windows with glass and frame props since I’m working on those too.


Not gonna lie, had a bit of fun messing around with the 3D models.


There’s more doors in this one post than in the entirety of Unturned 3.x


Edited the post to include my last touches, small hint as to what I’ve been working towards.

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