Unturned II for Linux, and Mac

Okay so Unturned 3.0 is already Windows,Linux,Mac OS. But Unturned II ISN’T I found out at 7:13 A.M. EST, that upon looking at steamapps for unturned II, I saw U4 with unreal engine icon, and it was an .exe. Reason I’m not pleased with this is that when I found out on the forums that Unturned II was out for 1750 hours and I was at 1784 is because when I opened Unturned II it instantly closed no window opening up either. So if Nelson could add it to all the systems on the original Unturned because so many people on Linux and Mac OS want to play Unturned II and yet its only for those who have Windows. Mac OS also has the same Unturned II problem. I found out by my Unturned II troubleshooting topic from a reply. So Im about to open the U4 exe with wine. ** UNTURNED II WILL ONLY OPEN WITH WINE** It works. So Nelson please make Unturned with all the original systems form the Original Unturned.

Unturned II is like barely even a beta, Nelson shouldnt be worrying about other OS at the moment. You are talking as if its the full game.


Since it’s still in testing stages, I doubt Nelson will have the time to incorporate other OS until the full release of Unturned II. If you get windows, you’ll probably be able to run it. If Nelson were to change the support from Windows to allow more, they could (don’t take my word for this) potentially interfere with the final product. If I were developing a game I would most definitely make sure everything is in place before allowing different OS or console systems.

@NeedlessMemeing RIP. After so long, still, no support.

Haha, I have a really good PC now. Plus I doubt my old Mac would run it.

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