Unturned II Guitar

I think, Unturned II should have Guitars and Guitar Stands maybe Guitar Stands will be good decoration for bases or houses. and we should be able to play the guitar


Given where Unturned II is currently at in its development, suggestions should be geared more toward core-features. Eventually small ideas like this (that don’t require much) will make their way into the game, but that’s on a timescale of years. Things like this are better left to modders than Nelson.


Yes a guitar would be cool, and it is a core feature there should be different chords activated by keys on the keyboard and it should have a feature where we can define what string is going to be picked strummed or slapped and which is going to de pressed down.

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This isn’t a core survival feature. So I gotta agree with Froggo at this point.


This does sound like a cool idea, however, I personally believe this should be aimed more towards modders.

There are plenty of things that can be added as placeable decors. I’m sure the dev has more important things to look at and something like instruments seems best left as a mod, if not as scrap items for wood/metal.


What about a default dance song


Small things like this always make games better IMO. Would love to see something like this down the road and definitely thing its achievable without mods. I really don’t think @Aestiachel meant for Nelson to put this on the next pending update in U2 with its current state but was just wanted to throw an idea out there for the future. People are too quick to attack and shoot down suggestions smh.


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