Unturned II Gun Modification, when is it coming to Unturned 3.0?

Hello, a while ago now the Unturned II development was stopped, however one thing that primarily stuck with me is the extremely dynamic gun modification possibilities that it introduced.

I had heard rumors prior of it being added to Unturned 3.0.

Is this the plan? Is this even planned in the first place? And if so, when do you expect it to be able to be tested?

This would open up whole new worlds for a significant amount of modders and increase the amount of things that players and modders could do with the current gun system.

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The main requirement would be first rewriting how item “state” is replicated and saved. Currently, guns have hardcoded attachment slots, so the item state would need to become more flexible to adding/removing child items and changes to the gun assets.

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Is there any estimate on when this could be done? Or any realistic expectation of when it may be possible to add it to Unturned? Many modders, me included would be extremely interested in this system and would allow for incredible customization.

I doubt it will that would absolutely not fit unturned and not having it be dollar store tarkov would be for the best, given how overcomplicated it was in Unturned 4.0

Could be done in months is my guess, should not a priority tho compared to the other issues.

Hard to say an estimate but it would be one of the bigger potential revamps because items/inventory are so integral to the entire game.

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