Unturned II - Headshots

Wouldn’t it be cool if you get 3x from headshots if you don’t wear any helmets but you get lower damage if you wear helmet? Like getting a 2x, 1x, 0.5x, etc.? And in my opinion it would be perfect if these were special for thier models, for example Military helmet gives you 1x damage against bullets to the head rather than 3x, and motorcycle helmet gives you 2.5x damage against bullets to the head rather than 3x.

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Using Unturned 3.x as a reference point for discussion, headshots already deal multiplied damaged and hats already reduce damage by a multiplier.

Are you just suggesting that headshots deal a lot more damage than they already do (and using 3.x’s damage values as a reference point, are you suggesting instakills for most weapons)?

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they should deal a lot more damage. without a helmet, every semi-automatic gun/bow should deal at least 95 damage to the head + bleed. its bullshit how you can run around with an arrow throug your brain

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“>realism for the sake of realism is a good thing”


realism for the sake of fun

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but it’s not fun though


it is. ever killed a fully geared kid in rust with only a bow? most satisfying shit ever.

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I was trying to go into a fully fledged reply about what i think of this, but there’s honestly nothing to add to it. It’s all basic multipliers and math, the armor system is good as it is.

Only thing i would want, is to make higher tier weapons more rare and have harder gunplay, which would be counteracted by less powerful armor. The shots that you land become more crucial, so spraying in the general direction of an enemy with a Maplestrike while prone is no longer a viable option, unless you’re skilled. Same goes for the people being shot, prioritize cover and play it smart.

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Why don’t we have real realism where if you get shot you get knocked out for a while or get stunned like in real life, where you go unconscious , why dont we have high recoil for automatic weapons, how about we add all those realisms that make the game unfun and boring.

shooting a guy in the head with a crossbow and him surviving is boring.


Don´t really have much to say to this, because we can already see this in Unturned right now. And I really think this feature is a no-brainer that is gonna be implemented 100%.

One thing I would like to see is a bit more consequences to getting shot in the head. Of course going unconscious or getting one shot is just not fun in my opinion. So I would suggest sort of getting “stunned” as in, your screen could blur out and you would see poorly for some period of time. However if you had a helmet, that blur effect would be much less aggressive. This could be combined maybe with your aim being shaky as well.

I think it should punish you in some way. But we will have to see.


I would suggest a suppression system.

If shots fly past you or hit something close to you, you get some blur in the peripheral vision and the weapon sways. The duration and strength of this effect scales depending on distance between the player and the incoming shots, as well as how much damage the shot has done. The effect also stacks, based on how many shots flew/hit close to the player.

If you get headshot, no matter the caliber, damage or helmet, you reach the maximum suppression state. I say it’s 65% of blurred vision with maximum weapon sway for a duration of 10 seconds (it gradually goes away, of course). The torso, legs and hands have lower thresholds with lesser effects, torso being second, legs being third and hands being forth in terms of the suppression severity.

Suppressing people behind cover also applies, although the suppression state would be much weaker, i say a maximum of 5 seconds with 25% blurred vision and medium weapon sway. 1 second duration for each shot, 5% blur for each shot and weapon sway scales with each shot, up to the 5 shot maximum.

Suppression from incoming shots and shots that hit scale up from eachother, so if you get 5 shots fly by you, then you get hit in the head, you’ll get 15 seconds duration with 90% blurred vision and maximum weapon sway, which again, fade away gradually.


Just stop taking his bait, he’ll get bored eventually. Or he will have to dump it all which means the mods could actually get him for once.

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ngl i do think autos need more recoil like 2.0 and not like cod laser guns


that is true though

I do think that the headshots should be multiplied differently depending on the weapon, which I believe is already how it works in normal unturned.

I think bows should have a higher headshot multiplier than most low-mid calibre pistols, for the sake of balance, not for the sake of realism, pistols are easily spammable, have low recoil, and probably all around better than a bow, so, make bows have a higher headshot multiplier to award players who practice with them, the pistols are still better, but theres now a reason to use bows.

However, I think the overall average headshot multiplier for all the weapons in the game does not need to be increased, and I think for most weapons it should be the same multiplier.

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