Unturned II hour requirement

Is it now 2000 hours or still 2400 hours?

Edit: It’s 2000 hours. For me it’s 290 hours to reach 2k.

Edit 2: It’s now 1750 hours!

Edit 3: I’ve done it! I’ve got the invitation!


Currently 2000 iirc,it will go down doe.


2k hours .

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There was recently a post on the subreddit where someone was saying they got the demo at 1.8k though, so if you hit 1.8k and get a ticket it would be nice to let us know for confirmation because I haven’t seen anything official about the hours being lowered again anywhere

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I can confirm the requirement has been lowered.

At 1,800 hours and just got the pass, I wonder if I can keep it as a souvenir if I never redeem it

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It has been lowered recently. Now it’s only 40 hours for you :griefer_zombie_:


Oh jeez, I have 438 hours. Only 1312 more to go :upside_down_face:

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And I just wanted to start to AFK for 2 weeks straight XD

h O L Y shit guys it’s really happening I can finally get unturned II

I have to play 459 more hours to get access to Unturned II. I only have 1,291 Hours.


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