Unturned II Houses

This house is two stories tall, or three if you count the basement.

Its inspired by the Whitman Mansion in Savannah, Ga.

The house is built slightly above ground so you can get light into the basement via windows.

Its surprisingly only a two bedroom, two bathroom home, potentially three if finishing basements is something I end up doing. The floor plan is very boxy like most old style homes.

I am really interested in making a quality Unturned II map that is based in a historical southern USA city.

Also, I had a question for Nelson/Molton, will chimneys be a thing in homes, or no? just wondering.

This isn’t my favorite house, so I might redo it sometime.

Lastly, a parking garage. Theoretically the corkscrew works… Can’t wait to test it out lol.

This is just a random post with some random stuff, but I felt like I should at least share. Also shout-out to Craven for his blender tool. It makes modeling houses take half the time they normally would.


Saint Augustine, Florida
That shall be your mission, founded in late 1565.

Blender tool? More like living life in a world of nothing but Calculus, Calculus, Calculus . . . more Calculus . . . so much Calculus . . .


Very nice looking hoose


Quite large they are.
Also nice work!!!


Seriously, I’m looking forward to Unturned II, I can’t wait for it to enter beta, with a playable map and enemies and, of course, cool and beautiful buildings like yours.
Excellent @Matt !


Thanks guys :grinning:


Are you able to test this map in unturned 2 yet?

not until the mod tools get released.

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