Unturned II in 32bits SO?

I was on you tube today and I saw a video of an youtuber of unturned that I attended where he tested the demo of the unturned II on a weak pc, in one of the tests he said that on a 32 bit pc he was testing the game did not opened, finally know that UII will be available for practically all OS but will it be necessary to have 64 bits? (ps: this post is not about personal doubts since my system is 64 bits only I thought asking this would be useful for other people).

PS: For those who doubted the test pc was final.
i3 6100u
4gb ram
Intel hd 520
in low:30fps
It will definitely improve in the future.

Nelson does want to make UII as compatible as possible, so I should think that 32bit support will be added, it’s just not on his list of priorities at the moment.


It is really simple to have 32 bit support, but why would anyone use a 32 bit system anyway? There’s no advantage, even for weak PCs. If a PC don’t even support 64 bits, I really doubt it could even run UII at at least 30 fps.

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