Unturned II in-depth Craftable guns (medium post)

Hello yall, i have an suggestion i have been thinking of for a while and i would like to share it.

basicaly, players would be able to craft weapon parts and put together their own weapons.

the parts spread over 5 catagories:

Recievers (ammo type)

(5.62 reciever, would do around 10-30 per round)

(7.62 reciever, would do around 20-40 per round)

(12 gauge shotgun reciever, would do around 5-10 per pellet)

Internals (how the weapon functions)

(will make the weapon automatic, +50% recoil, -25% dmg)

(will make the weapon pump-action, -25% recoil +25% dmg)

(will make the gun break-action, no recoil change, +35-50% dmg)
this part wont need an recever, its an reciever in its self, making it the cheapest way to make an gun within this suggestion.

Barrels (how the bullets behave)

(standard barrel, nothing changes.)

(muzzled barrel, requires an drill or another tool to make, -25% recoil)

(suppressed barrel, needs any kind of suppressor, +25% recoil.)

Holding (IK locations and recoil controll)

(vertical grip, is required to be on a gun to shoot, lowers vertical recoil if its in front, -15/25%)
(maybe add an posible trigger attachment)

(Horizontal grip, lowers horizontal recoil, -15/25%)

(wooden stock, lowers recoil by -50/60%, makes the gun take more space/is pretty heavy)

Attachments (basicaly the same as the old unturned, so ill make some new ones.)

(knife bayonet, would do the same damage as an normal knife, but an 25-50% slower swing rate.)

(less modified binocular sight, will be able to be separated again for later use.)

and here is an model with an extra demonstration, the custom tactical flashlight.

flashlight demonstration
(is rather cheap, but the light will be blocked by the barrel,)
(you could fix this with 2 flashlights maybe.)

here are some models i have put together how an custom gun would look and be named

(pump action | shotgun | with | flashlight)

(suppressed | 5.62 rifle | with | binoculars)

(suppressed | break action rifle | with | binoculars, | flashlight, | and an | knife)

(automatic | 7.62 rifle)

i have made about 14 models for this suggestion, nothing absulutely amazing but it should pass the idea over.

i will make extra models that are relevant to the topic so if one of you guys have an good request, ill make and add them.


I’d be totally cool with this if this is roughly how makeshift weapons worked, but I don’t think this should extend to anything past makeshift weaponry.


of cource, but as you can see in the blog videos, the guns are already separated with this kind of system.

im just trying to steer the craftable weapons a direction that i think is good.


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