Unturned II more Hardcore (health system, sound and more) (big post)

Taking advantage of the fact that EFT took on more popularity, Unturned could focus on a more hardcore gameplay, but to the right extent, not as much as SCUM but as Escape From Tarkov, for example, a medical system that resembles EFT, the movement penalize when you get shot in the leg or wobbling is applied to the weapon if you get shot in the arm, and blur to the vision, I would add more survival to the game and make you think more about your movements, At this moment, you already have the fractures unturned, but the splint only is useful on the legs, a shot can perfectly fracture your arm or legs.

Health System

(Health system on EFT)


  • Destroyed: Instant death. As it turns out, taking a high powered bullet to the noggin’ isn’t conducive to your good health. Note that bleeding into the destroyed state does not result in instant death, but any further damage will.

Right arm

  • Fractured: Using items and searching containers is 50% slower than normal speed. Reloading, drawing, and aiming weapons takes 67% more time.
  • Destroyed: Same as above, but additional damage taken will be distributed over the entire body’s health pool at 0.7x the damage dealt.

Left arm

  • Fractured: Using items and searching containers is 67% slower than normal speed. Reloading and drawing weapons is 50% slower.
  • Destroyed: Same as above, but additional damage taken will be distributed over the entire body’s health pool at 0.7x the damage dealt.


  • Can’t be fractured
  • Destroyed: Massively increased dehydration and energy loss, additional damage taken will be distributed over the entire body’s health pool at 1.5x the damage dealt.


  • Each leg fractured reduces your speed by 45%. Decreased jump height. Sprinting causes further damage to the leg.
  • Destroyed: Same as above, but additional damage taken will be distributed over the entire body’s health pool at 1x the damage dealt.

> Example taken from the EFT wiki

  • A system like this would be perfect, since it makes the food take on more weight than just regaining hydration and energy, because if you get a shot in the chest or stomach you start to dehydrate faster, and having broken legs you need morphine or medications, or alcohol.

if you run with broken legs you will lose health, your eyes will be clouded and you can become unconscious

Inventory and Hud

A minimum Hud would also be good, without crosshair, and the health system is in a tab next to the inventory would be perfect, it is not invasive and it is quick to access, it also makes you have to take more care of the ammunition and think about each step instead of applying experience points it could be an automated system, gaining that experience doing actions like running, using weapons, healing yourself, etc., and it will take time to get because of the advantages this entails.

  • In the case of the number of bullets that can be carried in the inventory instead of being different models of these (I mean that there are different models for the quantities that are in the inventory, for example, 5 bullets are shown 5 , 4 shows 4 and so on) if only one bullet is shown and that says x60 for example (60 max per slot) for reload 2 magazines, saves models and is easier to understand, it would also allow more types of ammunition to save those models, it would also remove the lag in servers. There are several things that could be implemented from EFT in the game.


or be able to reload different types ammo bullet by bullet in the magazine, mixing them like the real life


  • I’m not saying copy the whole game, but it already has well-made systems that should be a standard in the industry, more now that there is a shortage of hardcore games. why I say EFT and not SCUM (metabolism system among others) or some other survival as miscreated?, because EFT is fun, it creates a challenge for the player, and it doesn’t bore like unturned, there are things that others in the forum want from EFT, like the Sprint system, which I also find perfect, more than that of Arma 3, because they took it and improved it by having more stances to choose

  • I have seen that several want something, an EFT like survival game, better than DayZ and similars, Unturned II already has similar things, with these it could improve, have more players, become more realistic and more enjoyable, I would also like unturned II more Hardcore in every way (I know I’ve already said it alot), in order to see a remarkable evolution with respect to Unturned.

Reloads and Weapon Mastery System

Different type of reloads, normal, fast and different level of mastery of a weapon

(this characteristic is present on Insurgency: Sandstorm too, but on EFT u can pick the magazine from the floor, empty or not) Unturned II could make more levels of reload, from civilian reload (slow) to military (tactical and fast but realistic) with different type of mastery 1, 2, 3

(type of reloads)

(Insurgency: Sandstorm Normal vs Fast Reload)

(level 2 AK-74 weapon mastery)

(level 3 AK-74 weapon mastery)


There are also things that EFT does not have, such as the possibility of closing the doors progressively, or lying on the back, and aiming in that way, as in Rainbow six


(mod of arma 3 for a better comprension)
or the another stances like arma 3

(3 different types of running, but in Unturned II with the unlimited stances)

And peeking doors

(Tutorial how to make this function on Unreal Engine)

Sound, positional sound and VOIP

It would be perfect if Unturned II had different types of sounds for materials such as metal, gravel, earth, etc. and Steam Sound was implemented for a perfect experience, every action can make a global sound, for every players, from reloading, turning on a lazer or light to changing the firing mode of the weapon, aiming, when crouching, lauching a grenade, when you cook a Grenade, etc, and obviously the VOIP in the same system

(Steam Sound showcase)

Escape From Tarkov sounds

EFT Footsteps sound (only for the difference on materials, Insurgency: Sandstorm have awesome sound too)

Different ambient and player sound changed by active headsets

Realistic ballistics and perforable surfaces

Something very important is a realistic ballistic, with a bullet drop and that each sight depends on the type of ammunition and the type of weapon, It would be very good if a much more realistic ballistic system is implemented, which, depending on the caliber of the bullet, crosses surfaces, that the bullet bounces and deflects on the surface, from a helmet to bricks,

also realistic grenades that affect the fragments, the explosion just a little.

Another videos

Animations for the healing but i thing another post did this already, but the video is cool so.

The food animations as well only cause they are awesome.

Drinking animations

You made it to the end!

(Why did I take so many examples of EFT and not other games?
Because at the moment it is the most complete and balanced, it should be the role model of the industry, Insurgency sanstorm has also created innovations such as that the character coughs with the smoke, or that it has beeps in the ears with explosions or shots next to head, the level of detail of EFT is so much that it is worth imitating, and obviously we need more Hardcore games, the players have become more and more casual, that’s fine, but there are players like me who occasionally want a game to stress us but in the end what was achieved is worth it. thanks if you finished it, and I’m sorry for broken English, it’s not my first language

Evaluation Poll

The poll is simple, options separated by numbers, choose what you support and what you don’t

  • 1.- I agree with you with the health system and health tab.
  • 1.- Disagree with the Health system.
  • 2.- I agree with the Weapon Mastery and Reload system.
  • 2.- Disagree with the Weapon system.
  • 3.- I agree with the advanced stances and different type of running.
  • 3.- Disagree with the Stances.
  • 4.- I agree with the Experience System like tarkov
  • 4.- Disagree with the Experience System
  • 5.- I agree with the ammo system.
  • 5.-Disagree with the Ammo system.
  • 6.- I agree with the Steam Sound and Positional sound (VOIP included)
  • 6.- Disagree with the Sound
  • 7.- I agree with the Animations .(Reload, Drinking, Healing, etc)
  • 7.- Disagree with the Animations.
  • 8.- I agree with the Realistic ballistics and perforable surfaces
  • 8.- Disagree with the Realistic ballistics
  • Agree with everything
  • No bad but i have something to add
  • I Dont like anything
  • Stay Cheeki Breeki

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Pretty sure nelson stated somewhere along the lines of he’s not doing the damage system like what you suggested because it depends on random chance.


Well, it took me 3 hours and 15 edits, but I think it’s ready, I hope you enjoy the post, and I hope you agree with me that unturned is perfect to become a Hardcore Survival game


I know it’s a random thing, but also depends on the type of ammunition, the distance, even if you fall, etc, a bit tricky but not impossible, if achieved would be incredible


Just to clarify: analog movement and analog stances have both existed since November of 2019.

Also relevant, regarding the health system specifically: https://trello.com/c/cqliGgGo/1-medical-posts


My vote is the first, in my opinion Unturned II needs to have really good food, reload animations, like in EFT also Nelson needs to add more survival mechanics such as :fishing, hunting.


I don’t like the suggestions to make Unturned II super hardcore. Unturned has never been a hardcore realistic survival simulator, it’s been a lighthearted place to play multiplayer, find some new friends, and make some new enemies.

I understand that alot of people want the game to be better, but the realism really doesn’t make the gameplay any better. I’m open to some realistic suggestions like shooting through thin or weak materials, and more in depth health and food mechanics.

The best part about Unturned is how easy it is for someone to get into, especially with it being a free game. I think muddying the waters with unnecessarily complicated game mechanics isn’t the direction the game should go into.


a video from manoman and he have the same ideas like me https://youtu.be/nyxAi4W4bC0?t=660


Maybe an extensive Disease system like DayZ has. You will need to purify water and cook meat or have a risk of getting cholera or salmonella. You could treat them with antibiotics. Unconciousness would also be great. You could have the morphine and adrenaline from 3.0 actually have a use (waking them up and making their pain less).


Nelson said that he will add disease system. (information from Unturned II Road map)


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