Unturned II must be made by the community

Okay, we all know that unturned 2 is on hiatus with no development scheduled to resume, and I personally believe that it will never be released.

This started to make me think, and in my opinion, if Nelson really gives up on Unturned II he should make programming files, scripts etc available for community modders, this way they could carry the project forward independently, it would be interesting because Unturned II would be a game made by the game’s own community, don’t get me wrong, Nelson is a great artist and developer and no one is putting this in doubt, but if he no longer wants to work on this project give it to the community seems the best option, so all the work done over these almost 5 years will not be thrown away.


he should stop being a shy solo indie developer and hire a team.
He has money to do so, he just has no will


As far as I’m concerned, Nelson doesn’t owe us anything regarding Unturned II. We don’t really know how far he’s worked on it, but if we’re talking about the material that we can currently access then…

There isn’t that much to fuss about, and I don’t mean this is in a disrespectful way at all, I just don’t see the point of asking him to give the files away. What we can currently do on the game is still pretty limited, I may be wrong but it sounds more like you’re asking for the name ‘‘Unturned II’’ rather than for the content. You would be better off starting a similar project on your own instead of pursuing on the work that Nelson made this far.

What becomes of Unturned II should be Nelson’s business only, if he still intends to work on it, so be it, but there should be no pressure from the community on what he should do. In the end it won’t go down in the drain anyways, the work he’s done gave him more experience, that will never be wasted.

What’s wrong with that ?

Considering that Nelson started this whole adventure as a teenager on his free time, I’d say that he’s done good, very good.


Well, whatever


Eventually I’d like to make Unturned more open-source-ish. I know this doesn’t mean much considering I’ve said it in the past and there still hasn’t been much (if any) progress towards it. Some improvements have slowly helped in this direction albeit not specifically intended for it - e.g., behind-the-scenes work to make the project easier to develop. Two of the major to-dos that immediately come to mind are the huge amount of work managing pull requests would be, and sorting out any of the legal requirements.

Better delegating work (hiring a team) could certainly help in a lot of areas. Ideally it would be sustainable over the long term. For work on the core game I’m unsure about my people skills, and need to continue work on being less of a control freak / perfectionist, among other issues. Maybe sounds ironic calling myself a perfectionist when the game obviously has lots of “room for improvement.”


Even the most talented and best modders in the community will not cope with such a task as creating a new game almost from scratch.

And to be honest, Nelson, like other map and mod developers, are not behind programmed robots. They, too, are people who have their own needs, emotions, and personal lives. (Although some do not even have the last)
And I am sure that if the development of Unturned 4.0 will be reassigned to develop by members of the community, it is quite possible that they will suffer the same fate as Nelson, such as complete burnout.
In a way, creating something is a kind of lottery game. Either you get lucky and finish this, or you end up in despair.

I believe with all my heart that Unturned 4.0 it will come out, but even though I understand that it is practically unattainable.

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@SDGNelson Personally, I’ve come to appreciate you as a solo developer. At the end of the day, it’s your choice.


Please Nelson, don’t even consider the idea that I am criticizing your work, on the contrary, the post is specifically aimed at Unturned II and only it, Remember Unturned was released in 2014 almost 10 years ago and it is natural that it is not as polished, and yet you have provided a great game and grown a lot in skills.


This is a bit tangential, but I’ve seen a common concern that a lot of the features that were planned for Unturned II have now been shelved (i.e., the work has been “thrown away”).

A lot was learned during Unturned II’s development, and many of the features planned for Unturned II—or already implemented into Unturned II—are still able to come to Unturned instead.


Does this mean that your work on unturned 4.0 is finished and the project is cancelled?

This blog post is still the most accurate message regarding Unturned II’s indefinite pause: SDG Blog

I believe it was stated in a recent-ish podcast interview as well, but we’re not working on Unturned II right now.

Some people would be more than happy to work under you and to see unturned 2 be released. Making it an open source game would be hype tho

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This will be our president


Based, maybe unturned 2 will be worked on again

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