Unturned II on PS4,PS5,Xbox and etc?

As we all know, unturned 3.0 will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One thanks to 505 games, it’s something I really didn’t imagine considering that unturned was released so long ago, for sure the gameplay will not be 100% equal to the computer and also we must take into account that this version is paid which should not be a problem.

This brought back the old discussion, ‘’ Unturned II will be released for consoles? ", Thanks to 505 games I am almost sure that yes, everyone will win with that, @SDGNelson , 505 games and mainly us, many have doubts if unturned II could be runs on their computers and many of these people have consoles at home, moreover unturned II is being programmed to be 100% compatible with joysticks which makes me believe that the only difference from the PC version for video game consoles is that on the PC there will be the free option of the game.

It is also important to note that it is possible that the studio that is adapting Unturned to consoles will be able to do a quality optimization (without wanting to criticize Nelson, for a beta version Unturned II they have an enviable performance despite the EXTREME difference playing in singleplayer and on servers)., and this optimization patch can also be taken to the computer version, it will be the ‘’ OptiFine ‘’ of the unturned.

But it is very important to point out that if this really happened, the arrival of Unturned II on consoles will only occur when the game is in an almost final stage of development, and considering all things planned it should take a few years, I think that in the middle of 2022 or 2023 Unturned II will be 100% complete.


Is it actually pay to play on console? Who would pay for such a wack game lmao

The thing about Unturned for consoles is that its payed, however, I don’t see much of an issue with that because there are going to be extra features within the game.

Honestly pretty hyped to see new breath into Unturned and its community. My idea is that it will have dedicated servers because of the pay wall. I picked up the open beta on the xbox insider app today and got on today. I got an Unturned group (who also have xbox) and a Xbox group and we all getting it. Gonna destroy some console noobies who don’t even know what a pine rifle is.

Idk about U2 but excited to play some old vanilla again on populated servers. Cool to see Nelson partnering with companies like the one who makes Dying Light and 505.

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