Unturned II Pixel Art

It’s been a long time since I showcased some pixel art around here (which is unacceptable!), so here’s the first pixel art I’ve ever done for Unturned II! More hopefully coming soon :wink:

7.62x51mm Firing Range Gun (Precision Marksman Arctic Warfare)


Cobra (Glock 17)


Special thanks to @FlodotelitoKifo for hooking me up with Aseprite (and @Noobyfish for trying). It’s awesome.

Super cool!
Just a question, did you make your profile background, because it is beautiful.
I’ve been trying to learn pixel art for a small game project I’m working on, but just can’t seem to get the hang of it. Do you have any tips for beginners?

Kind regards,

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Looks very clean, nice job!
Does pixel art take much time to do? Or like normal art work take some time?


I’m not an expert by any stretch, but it does take time if you want to do it in detail. You can’t just whip up a pixel art in ten minutes.

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what if Unturned was actually a 2d platformer that looked like terraria

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I love your pixel art man, very nice! I hope in the future we can mod unturned II to remplace ui icons with pixel art it would be really cool

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I really appreciate the compliments guys :smile:

I wish, but I didn’t make it. It’s one of my favourite pixel art pieces of all time from the /r/PixelArt community, and someday I hope to bring my pixel art skills to that level. This is the full uncropped version, and it’s truly wonderful:

  • Pixel art is like low-poly model making: half the struggle is choosing what details to lose, or how you want to represent details with such a limitation on resolution. Try not to overdetail - it’s a very common error and leaves your piece looking confused and cluttered. Every pixel should have a really good reason to be there.

  • I used Piskel for a long time before using Aseprite; even though Piskel has substantially less features than Aseprite, it’s free and has cloud saves. For a beginner, it does the job. (Think of it like paint .net compared to Adobe Photoshop tools)

  • Everyone develops their own style eventually, it just takes some time to get an idea of what you’re looking for in your style. Once you do find some sort of unique style though, rock it.

  • There’s tons of pixel art guides, resources, and communities out there. MortMort was personally one of my go-to YouTubers when still getting the hang of things.

  • This is super cliche, but practice practice practice. Also, there’s so many different skills and styles of pixel art you can learn, so never stop learning!

It’s definitely something that takes a lot more time than most people would expect just by looking. These two pieces were extremely quick under my standards, taking about 1-3 hours each over multiple sessions (I’m very meticulous though). Some pieces I’ve done have taken over 20 hours though!

That would be cool indeed.


hey, that’s pretty good


That’s… Holy crap that’s amazing


Lol I tried to load the Urban Japan pixel art in Piskel, and it just crashed. I usually use GIMP for pixel art though. Is Aseprite free?

Aseprite is paid unfortunately, but it works like an absolute dream due to having every pixel art tool and capability under the sun.

There’s a Steam version.

It’s an open source application… so if you can compile it, it’s completely free

What’s your opinion on GIMP, if you know what that is?

I know what GIMP is but being honest haven’t used it enough.

It is however much more capable than paint .net I will admit, and it can use a wide plethora of file types. I actually used GIMP recently to convert pixel art versions of desktop icons I did into usable .ico files.





(Haven’t done very many yet)


That’s really cool!
Anyway, I think I’ll stick with GIMP and Piskel for now, but I might get the Steam version of Aesprite if I get good enough.

Incredible art as always!

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