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An interesting feature to note in Unturned II is the change in its recoil system from its previous version 3.0. Recoil is one of the key components in gunplay and its presence affects multiple factors in the player’s aim and where the shots will land.

If we look at Unturned 3.0’s recoil system, the spray pattern is continuous, and once the spray is over, the point of aim does not move too far away from the area of the last fired shot.

Looking at Unturned II’s recoil system, in the case of “No counter recoil by player”, the spray pattern moves vertically until it reaches its vertical climax, and does not move up further but swaying horizontally.
Once the spray is over, the point of aim returns to its original point before the first shot is fired.

In the case of “With counter recoil by player”, I am continuously pulling down my mouse to counter the vertical rise of the spray, it does not have a vertical climax where the spray ceases to rise.
Once the spray is over, my point of aim is where I moved my aim to.


One thing I absolutely have to commend, which is an absolute game changer (literally), is that in U3 you could only create binary, directional recoil for a weapon by predefining a range of X and a range of Y for the gun to recoil to. UII immediately changes that.

I love the addition of directly editable recoil patterns in UII because this allows for so much more than binary - and more importantly, allows for variable control, in all directions and all magnitudes of recoil.

It’s one of the many indicators of how far UII has already come regarding feature improvement and frankly I can’t wait to see gunplay and other mechanics gradually get fully fleshed out.


Finally did some more shooting in Unturned II and getting the feel of the recoil system.
Coming from a guy who plays alot of CSGO - I am very underwhelmed.

If I had to summarize my opinion on the new recoil system - it is easier to control than CSGO and Unturned 3.0. That is a bad thing.

The image above is the single 30 round spray from the position where I am standing to the wall I am facing. My spray began from where my crosshair is pointed and majority, and climax of the spray ended up just above head level, where most of the bullet holes are grouped.

Here is my character standing next to another spray I made from the same position as the first image.
The negatives to address here are;

  • Not enough horizontal swaying of the pattern.
    -The spray is as easy as pulling down consistently, or aiming at the legs and having most of the shots land at the torso to head. If there was added horizontal movement of the spray, this would be neat.
  • The spray pattern is very small relative to the distance it was shot at.
    -Pretty self explanatory.
  • Climax reached too early.
    -Majority of the bullets go through a single clumped grouping very quickly.
  • Climax will not rise with horizontal aim movement.
    -Moving your aim horizontally will not make the spray rise upwards. However, pulling down will.

In this video, I show you how very tame the recoil is in a simulated 100 round magazine, while only moving my mouse left-to-right while spraying.


Add more vertical and horizontal recoil. There should be more horizontal movement and definitely increase the vertical recoil. There is no skill involved in controlling the recoil and I see this as 3 steps backwards in gunplay.

And if ever - I recommend uncapping the climax just like in Unturned 3.0 so that players will have to consistently pull down their aim to control the vertical recoil. I think it is too easy to put a single 30 round group in one head size clump, especially with the recoil climax cap.


I think it’s fine tbh. It takes inspiration from CS:GO but isn’t blatantly copying it and forcing players to learn “spray patterns” and such.

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I do agree that the relatively low difficulty of recoil control with no aim movement seems to be very severely detrimental, but I do think that when creating and implementing guns, there should also be a way to precisely change and configure the period of time (or number of rounds) before the climax is reached (assuming the climax hasn’t been removed for the weapon), as opposed to either having climax or no climax at all.

For instance, this would give LMGs a useful niche by having their recoil climax early to aid players who are using them for continuous suppressive fire when prone, or it would punish players by removing climax on guns that should have very poor handling when sprayed, such as a machine pistol.

Perhaps one step deeper would be to have individual climaxes for each type of stance, and even going so far as to have this climax be affected by stat multipliers from attachments!


The Eaglefire’s current recoil is placeholder, and will likely be significantly increased. I’m also considering a few options for the recoil recovery (climax) e.g. only recover if tap firing, or only recover after finished spraying.


Looking at this in comparison, its basically becoming CS:GO recoil, except instead of your gun never being forced upward and your bullets magically flying upward, your gun actually moves up with the recoil.

seems simple enough.

I definitely prefer this. It requires a lot more skill and will add an actual learning curve to Unturned II!

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