Unturned II Sandstorm / M45 CQBP

Well, Henlo there! | Unturned II

Based on Sandstorm Concept by ME, Pistol irl: M45 CQBP

Thoughts and Opinions are welcome! More pics will be shown below this post


Artwork Created by ME.

I have a shit tons of Unturned Artworks :3


Looks alright.


Thanks. :smile:

Look nice :smiley:

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Looking Good

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Nice :wink: polycount ? (seems low but i cant tell )

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Hey, niiiiice.
Now that’s Unt II style.
Checked, M45 is modern Colt M1911.
This is Unt 3.x Colt:

Now, you see, it’s not about that screws, trigger or hammer makes model too detailed, because these don;t need to be super-hd. It’s about that your model, compared to 3.x, doesn’t look like it’s made of two parts: grip and this part that hides barrel anymore.
That part (forgot it’s english name) which hides barrel inside, in 3.x looks like it’s one metal bar.
Your model looks a way way better and it fits Unt II style.

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is this a fucking insurgency sandstorm reference?


Of course it is.

Looks mostly well done, except there’s one part that looks messed up and I can only assume is error. Bottom image.


Seems like you painted over something with the rectangle tool there by accident

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OH CRAP! Yeah thats an error made while i was editing the pic on a software! I’ll fix it :smiley: thanks for letting us know, didn’t even noticed it myself

Mhm, Thanks man! What i really think what Unturned II’s style is aiming for, Is basically more shaped look. Like what i said alot of times, It mostly resembles the old 3.x’s weapon style but its more shaped to its real life counterpart. Also its called the Slide :D. Thanks again :3 !

This boie sure is c h o n k y.

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