Unturned II Vanilla Vehicles made by the community 2.0

So… Some time ago I made a post about vehicles that had the new unturned style and could be added into the game… Now that some time has past, and I’m starting my vacations, I thought it would be cool to see some new models that you guys can make.

I invite everybody to post your custom models, give ideas or just leave your opinion on someone else’s mod.

I made this one to start the thread.


It’s still a WIP as I want to add interior, glass and any other detail that comes to my mind.


So, I want to know. How hard is it to create unturned models, and how do you create them? I’ve been using 123D for a while and I’m wondering If I could create models.

That Jeep looks lit,good job @Ciitroz !
I got some things too but still need some work:


Wow! very nice looking model, also fits Unturned 2’s style as seen from the car that Nelson made. Keep it up and make us some more!

The only thing I would change outside would be a small light (to give the arrow), as this will be possible in Unturned II; Other than that, it’s amazing.

I personally hope this type of truck is on Unturned II, and these, by the way, are very beautiful. Remind me a lot of the American Truck simulator, I don’t know why… :griefer_zombie_:

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I’m not gonna lie, I don’t know how to use 123D. I personally use Blender, starting from a simple cube and going outside extruding and cutting faces.

Just some old cars I did back in the day.


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To see other angles Vehicles made by the community for Unturned II (gallery)

and now for my next trick
the car will hover with no front tires


holy shit it worked


It’s Magic :open_mouth:

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And I, on the other hand, don’t know how to use Blender.

I have the sudden urge to learn Blender for the sole reason of creating a pew pew gun.

Just watch some youtube… Blender is free :woman_shrugging:t4:

Optimus prime 3000

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