Unturned lore on 4.0

I think the lore of unturned needs to be taken more seriously,maybe in 4.0…
The 3.0 lore is something like a ‘‘Rushed for fill the game’’ and it’s confusing,is the virus from another planet? Who are the Syndicate? What are those crystals? we really don’t know,the things are just here.
4.0 needs more depth on the lore.

The Syndicate is a rag-tag group of normal players/people that reject the idea of a new government, preferring the anarchy of the apocalypse. Those “crystals” are soulcrystals. The virus is, most simply put, originating from berries.

That aside, Nelson has already said in AMAs from a year or two ago that he has lots of plans/ideas for 4.x lore and more depth.


I tought the virus originated from aliens.

I never really got the lore on the Virus myself, I thought it was Scorpion-7.

The lore of 3.0 is just in bits and pieces (aka Fragments), something too vague to understand.

Hopefully 4.0 lore is more in-depth (Unless there are no plans for that, I wouldn’t mind)

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well it was kinda berries, aliens and scp-7 … lol that looks like an scp from… nevermind…

It’s primarily due to Big J (although Scorpion-7 does play a large part in the lore). Big J is largely responsible for the spread of the virus, except on Germany where vineyards mainly helped to spread the virus.

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There’s a note in S-7 which says that it’s actually a bio weapon or something like that

actually there were experimenting with it and trying to make it into a bioweapon. But thats now the reason it escaped from containment, the spread of the infection had already begun before the zombies escaped in washington

The lore should be playable. E.g. : press F to read note, hold F for 3 or 4 seconds to replay the content of the note

This is a survival-sandbox game, not some story driven, linear game. Things like that would have no place in Unturned.

Backbone lore is always good.


though that shouldnt work out in multiplayer, cause someone could just go and read the note to escape intot he lore place and would survive. Plus people would build bases there so they would be harder to get too, as long as people set up sentries at the spawn area of that note dimension thing xd. Yes this probably makes no sense but… oh whatever

Not necessarily. Every official map in 3.0 up to Russia has had lore without any “escape into the lore place” concern.

Lore has nothing to do with “oh look a convenient base location”

Context of the reply, amigo. derfreak1002 was suggesting, at least as interpreted by Aj_Gaming, a way for players to play through an event/area/scene/cinematic of note being read.

Personally, I’m not convinced that is the direction the suggestion was intending to go, but that seems to be the interpretation of it by Aj_Gaming.

I think “replaying” a note in general sounds a bit weird for Unturned, even as a hypothetical ghostly cinematic in-game of sorts.

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yeah thats what I meant.

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