Unturned Map size

How big is small/medium/large/insane map?

Each larger size is a 2x2 grid of the smaller size, so technically every bigger size is 4 times as big.


(The Driftless is a well known Insane sized Workshop map, if you didn’t know)


Nononono, in a Square Kilometers.

I’m thinking something in between Russia and the Driftless would be a good size for 4.0.

Not as large as you thought.

Tiny - 512 m2
Small - 1024 m2
Medium - 2048 m2
Large - 4096 m2
Insane - 8192 m2

would this be a good map size for 4.0


one word
lag for days
days on end
send help

I can barely load The Driftless.

If there are more than 24 players your average server, and maps load more smoothly, then yes. It’s a good idea.

The only problem would be finding map creators willing to make maps of this size. Even if it was just nelson making the new huge maps, the time in between each new released map would be quite long. (but i guess people would just have to group up to solve this)


Driftless is already massive, and 1/3rd of it is Water, The size you propose is just, not good.

I know this is really old, but this is the only thread that I could find talking about the sizes of unturned maps in actual units.
If I am understanding correctly, an area of 4096 m2 would mean that a large map is 64m by 64m in length and width.
That makes no sense and is definitely untrue, what gives? Am i being dumb?

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Its not calculated like that, the size should be also squared, not only the measure unit

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It sure is old! Yeah, the second measurement seems to have been left off here. It should have been 4096×4096 m2 for Large (or 40962) – same idea for other sizes.

I’m surprised you weren’t able to find any other posts talking about measurements. There should be a lot in 2017-2020 on both the official forum and the community subreddit.

If you are interested in the actual in-game values and the placement of the map borders, I highly suggest y’all check out Level.cs in the decompiled code.

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