Unturned movie

There needs to be an Unturned movie or show. I feel like a show would work alongside the game developments.

Mhm and what makes you think Nelson, a sole dev split working between 3.0 and 4.0, is going to work out a movie or show deal. Lore is pretty much nonexistant despite notes and reading the context of events and taking a reasonable guess, and what would the plot be?

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Probably Nelson having some Canadian bacon and it turns out to be a vegan meal


That’s a pretty interesting plot, eh? Let’s get some poutine and tell the mounties we’re sorry, eh?


Fuck yeah xD

Yeah its a huge no from me.

It’d be garbage. It’d look garbage. And it’d ruin the reputation of Nelson.


A waste of time and resources


Making a movie with the “lore” of Unturned is the most plausible thing, not that it would be necessarily bad but it really wouldn’t have anything to do with the actual game. It’s not like a Minecraft movie that has the graphics/art-style etc.

But I wouldn’t mind to see some independent thingy with Bravo team getting inside of Scorpion-7

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Now after thinking about it for for a few hours I realize that it’s not ever going to be a good idea but I think that it could be something down the road I don’t know really but I just like apocalyptic movies and unturned is like the one game that has almost everything in it from a lot of movies I’ve seen so it’s like heck this would be a cool TV show or movie but yeah it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense