Unturned - My opinions and things I've realized after 4500 hours of playtime (this is a rant, kind of)

I think you’ve misunderstood what I meant when I wrote that. So, in a nutshell: it’s not gonna come out in time to save 3.0’s community - because a game is nothing without a community behind it, and right now, it’s so corrupted that the best hope we have to revert it back to a decent status is 4.0. Which is far, far away.

Not doubting its effectiveness, I’m doubting if the general public sees this as a good choice. The actual developer not working on his own game, that’s what looks odd.

  1. That is not all the rant’s about.
  2. This time may as well be different for the reasons I’ve mentioned in the rant. But, in short:

Lack of new content from the (dieng) modding community -> lack of servers with good content to offer -> lack of good servers in general as most are run by kids & people who abuse their powers, or even make their servers Pay to Win -> invitable downfall in player numbers

It’s like domino tablets

The modding community isn’t exactly going to die anytime soon. There are modders who have completely dropped out of the picture but there’s plenty who have come to take their place.

“Good content” depends on what you think is good. I used to love a Paintball Arena server that was hosted in Australia. Server owner tried to change things up and it eventually went down though.

It’s extremely easy to set up a new server with some good ideas to go off of but unless you can get an initial playerbase (like your friends) to jump start the server, the Unturned community will continue playing on the same servers as before.

A big part of this lack of “good content” comes from the fact that people don’t want to play the game by themselves.

Pay to win on its own isn’t the worst, although @RainOfPain125 would disagree. It’s one of the most effective ways to fund servers and you can’t exactly run one without money. There’s plenty of ways to gather money without pay to win although not many servers implement them.

This would be a much bigger problem than pay to win. Sure, you may have people buying their way past the first 30-60 minutes of gameplay but you can’t do much if you get banned for firing upon an admin. The only solution to the issue is to abandon those servers yet people don’t want to do that. They can always find another server, even if its less popular at the time, and avoid the abusive admins and sometimes even the pay to win practices altogether. There’s plenty of servers where this isn’t being done and the owner would kindly take in dedicated players.


And that’s exactly that I’m trying to say. It doesn’t need Unturned 3.0’s community, because it will be its own community.

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Plenty who’ve come to take their place? Haven’t seen that many tbh. And I’ve been on most modding servers till 2018. The unturned workshop at the moment is just a place where people go to reupload old mods. The only actually original mods that are still being made are commissioned mods, which means someone has paid a modder to make them for their server or whatever. This is something I am not against, since as, I said, I spent around 300 euros doing this so it’d be really hypocritical if I said I had.

Fair enough. Let me put it this way then: the amount of content in general, not just good one, being produced, is considerably lower than it was just a couple of years ago for the reasons mentioned above.

A good enough host could cost you below 15 USD for 24 slots for 30 days, add like a further 20 for some (imperialplugins) plugins, and that’s about all that’s necessary; you could also spend money on mod commissions, so let me go on. I wanna make a clear distinction between - selling ranks to support these costs - and selling ranks for profit.

The first one, I still do not see positively, though it is justifiable, the second one tho, is the most likely scenario when we talk about P2W. Pay-To-Win, so, by paying a certain amount, you get something that greatly helps you “Win” and generates an advantage over anyone else who does not donate. If our scenario is the second one, most likely, the money won’t go funding the server itself, but straight into the owner’s pockets.

Plenty is an overstatement, there indeed are servers where this does not happen, but finding them is made difficult by the sheer amount of servers where this does happen.

Yeah, I know - but on who is that community gonna be based upon for at least some time? The Unturned 3.0 playerbase.

Well, no.

Do you need people who use the current iPhone to upgrade to a new iPhone? No. Same thing here.

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That’s not the same thing - one’s a phone, something you buy (and pretty expensive too) and one is a game

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Unturned is kind of a cumrag for people to make money off of now
It may not be dead but considering it’s free, and you can make pay2win servers, you can roll in a lot of cash, and a lot of people are doing that. This decreases the amount of fair servers there are, and people sometimes mistake Unturned for being dead.
A lot of good youtubers also stopped uploading, and that also gives Unturned a dead feeling.
As far as I know, nelson doesn’t do friday updates for U3 anymore either.
But the game’s not dead, it’s just not what it used to be.

In fact Unturned is doing really really well.

Maybe in II we can have an eula that blacklists pay2win servers.


Semantics. Pot, kettle.

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For reasons I’ve explained in my previous answers, I disagree, though, a EULA should have honestly been present on 3.0 from the very beginning.


Oh, what an interesting game! Looks like DayZ + Minecraft. /s


These are some high-quality Minecraft textures you know. Must have ripped them straight from the game.


lol yeah I wanted to avoid saying that


I am glad someone has come out and said something about it and is putting the time (Despite numerous grammatical errors) to make a post about it. I’ve been wanting to speak out about certain things like this but from the random and bizarre threats owners have made over my 5 accounts, to DDoSing, to Youtuber’s with rude, stubborn and calculated behaviors to derail and destroy subjects over ego’s, to hell and back. As a fellow experienced player, I can say that Garry’s Mod somehow maintains a better environment. STIFF STAR WARS SERVERS MAINTAIN A MORE BALANCED AND ENJOYABLE COMMUNITY, INCLUDING (especially) STAFF.

Take that from someone who has worked as a staff member in multiple servers from both Garry’s Mod and Unturned.

Garry’s Mod, no matter how weird Star Wars RP might be, somehow maintained a better, more safe, fascinating environment.

I can tell you- however, that Unturned will not die. It’s survived as a underground franchise- and unless Unturned 4 is the next Dying Light on steroids with more moddability (lets make that a word) than GMod- it’s going to stay an indie, free, underground franchise.

Community Updates are something I’m not against- it feels more like a developer is in-tune with it’s community, exactly like community suggestions. Valve has done similar to create most of their now famous-IP’s. but instead- it has iterated heavily each time on the modder’s work and would reward the modder handsomely. Community-driven updates via suggestions, modded content etc etc help foster a community to a more dedicated state.

@Yarrrr It’s because we’ve been dedicated enough to dive into Nelson’s content and see the impurity and horrific state of it’s community from an outside view more than a 4 year old who plays for 5 months, spends 30,000$ on unbans, bankrupts their family and moves on.

P2W Servers are the most common thing I’ve found in large RP servers when it comes to the English audience- and it’s both pathetic, humiliating and insulting. (examples such as Bloodplayers where you have to pay to found a faction with kits and proper gear, the entire map is owned/reserved by factions here and there- meaning no free player can make their claim over even an ounce of land, I know because I spent real 1 month strolling through the map and negotiating AFTER A WIPE for a FOURXFOUR METER PORTION of the map… Paying for unbans, etc etc).

Many RP servers have incompetent staff teams because it’s hard to stake out a server with a audience of infants (umbilical cord and all) and find veterans of age among them.

Also- you are in fact right with 15$ or 30$, I doubt you’d go broke on that. There comes a point when a passion project is no longer a passion project, rather a project to rake in a few penny’s to appease the sorrowful looks by their father or mother when they look at their child and wonder what went wrong (a lot)

Many Unturned RP Youtuber’s are an example of staged greed, it’s become such a common and blatant technique that people think it’s a right afforded to them by God himself.
(Watch some broadcasts by Streamer’s like Guney145, who immediately joins servers with 2 viewers and starts saying that he’s a large creator who will advertise a server for a strong jump start/op gear)
I’ve seen servers ground to a halt for hours because a Streamer and a staff team are playing Hell’s Kitchen with trying to appease a Content Creator with free gear, admin, all permanent- not just for a video.
I’ve seen servers where staff will ban people for going to a Content Creator, because Content Creator’s treat servers and staff members like a personnel entourage for their poorly made mansion that gets wiped next month unless they join back (or, for a normal player, pay aka waste 48$)

Many servers also likely violate Discord TOS by willingly keeping overly underaged members and such, food for thought.

Who bets this post that highlights the negative hellhole of many things (especially my homeland of Unturned RP) will get flagged and deleted?

(I know I’ve been inactive but I’m jumping back in to make sure what I’m saying is true, that includes staff work and such)

Optamistu- Crawling out of his cave, 1 confused lurch at a time


My friend and I could complain about one of the YouTubers that the OP mentioned. Not going to say who, but I’ve interacted with all three to various degrees.


Bruh :frowning:

I guess being top of my class at English didn’t help when writing while just bat shit annoyed

Anyways, I still stand by the things I said and why I believe Unturned doesn’t have the brightest of futures, due to the current circumstances, but I guess if you wanna be optimistic, your take could be right. The future will tell.

Not just that, I have personally witnessed RP server owners SELLING PEOPLE’S IPs for money. So, if you’ve played on any lesser known server, and even some of the big ones, you might have been doxxed

Don’t worry- I’ve already had that happen while playing Bloodplayers

Edit: In my effort to fact check for RP servers (my homeland), I can re-confirm they’re kind of shit.

My first stop was Ravi’s server, in which I got accepted for the mafia despite no server experience within 2 hours (I do have lots of experience with over servers which might have been a reason), read through the rules- found it having server rules which ALLOW rape and sexual assault RP, then, when I asked, he told me that his server was for an audience of 13-15. This document of server rules was prominently displayed in his Discord’s Rules channel, with no 18+ warning. When I told him that it violates ToS and that he should edit it, he said “sure” before banning me from all servers, instantly (guess he forgot how copy id worked). I kept an archival of the document though and reported him to Discord yesterday, let’s see how that works.

EDIT 2: I might make a small blog sorta thing with a forum post where I go through RP servers and either highlight tremendous failures or practices which violate either the law or the ToS’s and Guidelines of platforms they are present in, where I constantly reply with a review of a server. (Ofc- I’d also highlight good things and funnies : D)

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I actually wanna see this become a thing, if you want, I could even help you out a bit.

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