Unturned not launching

Hi I recently downloaded unturned and it doesnt start I’ve played on the same device a while ago and it worked fine but now it doesnt work at all I’ve tried verifying integrity and alot other other things and I have the system requirements nothing works it just says launching then crashes all other games work just not unturned

Have you tried reinstalling Steam itself? make sure it is updated and the Steam files unmodified. try installing Unturned to your main drive if it’s installed on a different drive, and uninstall any mods, remove other files that you may have in the Unturned folder that aren’t apart of the base game and try running it then.

(also try running as administrator or in compatibility mode if you haven’t already)

Yes I’ve tried all that I’ve been reset pc

Are there any crash logs you can look at by any chance?

It doesnt give crash logs

Is there no normal logs under steamapps\common\Unturned\Logs either?

No there isnt

This is quite the last resort, but try checking the steam logs
But to be fair, I’ve run out of ideas. Try a beta if nothing works to see if those at least give some sort of error we can guess something from, but that’s far from ideal.

Ok I will check when I’m next on pc

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