Unturned not opening

The game won’t open at all, i even tried verifying and reinstalling.

Delete yo mods

Same thing is happening it just shows up at the bottom and then closes immediately

Do note the date that the previous two posts are from.

Have you verified your files as well? How long has this been an issue? Does it do it when you launch the game without BattlEye?


Damn this post got burried so hard.
Well here are some possible solutions:
Check if the game is supported by your OS.
Check if your CPU and RAM aren’t too overwhelmed.
Check for mods and delete them.
Check if steam is updated.
Check if the game is updated.
Check if the game is installed.
Check if Steam is installed when you launch your game.

it happened many times with me
check the graphic card settings and stuff
it worked when i reinstalled it the 10th time
also delete all workshop mods and check your pc specs