Unturned not running on 60fps on a good pc

I started playing unturned recently and an issue that I encountered was the game underperforming.

My PC has met all the recommended requirements on steam but still my game cant run on 1080p 60fps.
I’m currently using 1280 x 768 at 60hz and I get 40-50 fps on multiplayer and 60-70 fps on singleplayer. All my video settings are on low (except water quality which is on medium).

Please suggest me anything by which I can get 60 fps on 1080p.

P.S. My PC specs are:
Intel i5 10400
gskill ripjaws 8gb ram @ 3000mhz
480gb SATA SSD

I don’t have a dedicated graphics card (you know why :P) and I use integrated graphics and I think the problem may lie there.

Edit: My CPU runs on 4 ghz and I have DX12.

There’s your answer.
The best APU you can get is the VEGA 11 one that comes with Ryzen 5 2400G. And even then, that thing can perform as good as a GTX 750 at best.
Nothing weird about running games with bad performance, when you don’t have a dedicated GPU.
That and Unturned 3.0 is not the holy grail of optimization of… anything.


Hardware requirements for games usually aren’t the most accurate. For Unturned, they lack any mention of a GPU which will definitely be a big part of performance.

Unturned is Unturned though, even with a 2070 Super there are times where I struggle to hit 60 fps. Water quality normally tends to have the worst impact on performance as well.

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Your issues definitely not having a dedicated GPU which nowadays will always be a requirement for playing it at 60fps or even close to that, frankly surprised you can even squeeze that much performance out of it with just an APU.

Reducing water quality may help a decent bit though, especially if you use Ultra water quality as that’s dropped by FPS by too much for how little visual fidelity it can give. Hitting 60 frames consistently on multiplayer and such is usually not something any PC can handle though just because of how Unturned is made frankly.

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Reading all these replies, I think that Nelson should specify the graphics requirement on steam.

Should be listed from the get-go.
But it’s difficult for a developer to gauge accurate configurations for Minimum and Recommended.
Big devs can afford to test the game on multiple systems, Nelson definitely can’t buy a shelf worth of parts to test the game on. Not before 3.0’s release, that is.

What settings/hardware do you guys run on that makes you unable to clear 100 on multiplayer?
Everything on mine is high/ultra besides having grass turned off so I can see people hiding in it and I’m in the 100-150s.

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