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I try to make notes for my map, I have the folder Bundles>Medium>Furniture>sample_note (called in the editor as “prueba”), it appears in the editor but when I try to put it, nothing appears
I made 2 versions (with different guids and ids), one in the game files and one in the map files and only the one from the game files works
and in theory it shouldn’t work if someone downloads it from the workshop
that had a unity3d which had the “Exclude_From_Master_Bundle”, but caused it to not work directly (did not appear in the editor)
Is there something that can i do?

Everything looks fine to m—

ID 3004523


IDs are an unsigned 16-bit integer. That means the max value an ID can be is 65535. (Note that 0–2000 are reserved for official content.)

Your chosen ID of 3,004,523 is too big. If you checked the in-game error logs (available from the Workshop section of the main menu), it likely mentions this as an error. If you reference our official documentation linked to from in-game, you may notice that most properties will list their data type (e.g., uint16, byte, boolean).

If you change the ID to something within the range of valid IDs, it should work.

If you’re setting this note up in a different directory, then you should also add the following line:

Master_Bundle_Override core.masterbundle

Otherwise, it may load the wrong *.masterbundle (or find none at all).

in short, it’s all wrong xd, tomorrow morning I’ll fix it, thx

Nice, works perfectly, thx very much

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