Unturned Offical ban appeal

2024 11 may - i was banned for racism i didint even say anything racist but my discord bio does theres no way i got banned for this from one of my favourite server how i am supposed to play without the discord no friends no group brother before i got banned i made a poll if this items is rare or not then later got banned you call that racism what kind of modreating is this btw my discord id is 1223921314264518727 yall are litreally wasting my time i was about to play a game

Middle school is fire these days


To be completely honest, I had a tough time reading this post. As a suggestion, I highly recommend you format this in formal English so that it is easier to understand and take into mind. Sentence structure is very important when trying to get your point across to others.


not true im litreally in middle school with a few clowns

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and most of all these clowns will never grow up


After reviewing your appeal and the reason you were banned, the moderation team has denied your appeal at this time. As you mentioned in your appeal, your user bio on Discord contained inappropriate content that violated the server’s rules and Discord’s guidelines.

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Appeal was denied at this time.