Unturned Official ban appeal

I was banned from UO a bit ago by Vextrium. It was because I sent a gif that had a dog with a gun to its head. It was nothing that was supposed to me malicious… only humor. If that actually is against the rules than it will not happen again.

My discord ID: 808330831134195712

I was unable to find 808330831134195712 in the Discord list of banned accounts, nor in our own moderation log. That account is not banned from the server.

If you’re unable to join the server with that account, you’ve likely been banned on another account (and you’re unable to join because of the IP ban). If that is the case, please note that using alts to bypass bans can result in a permanent suspension from the server.

Forgot I got banned on my old account. I wasn’t trying to ban evader either I had been in UO in both accounts for a bit.

Old accounts id: 723599806022287380

I’ve forwarded your ban appeal to staff.

EDIT: Since your account was banned by former staff, it may take some time for the staff team to collectively review your appeal.

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All good. You guys take your time. :+1:

Appeal has been accepted – 723599806022287380 has been unbanned. The other Discord ID listed was never banned, so if 808330831134195712 is your new main account, you should be able to join now.

It’s been a while since your last time in the server, so please be sure to read through the rules channel after you rejoin.

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Appeal has been accepted – please review the rules channel if/when you rejoin.