Unturned Official Ban Appeal

I would like to appeal my ban from UO. I was banned after people were harassing me and telling people to kill myself, and I responded in kind. In the future I will try to disengage from such arguments.

My ID: 401499652534566912

I’ve forwarded your ban appeal to staff. Since the moderator who originally banned you is no longer part of the staff team, it may take some time for the staff team to review your appeal.

(To clarify – I looked through the moderation log, it looks like the other users involved were moderated at the same time as you were.)

Context for it

Content from any previous appeals and moderation logs is already considered – don’t worry, you don’t need to repost content from your previous appeals.

Note – your previous appeal lists your ban reason as “telling someone to kill themselves”, but the ban reason on record is “Insulting members with slurs”. (Please keep this in mind if your appeal is accepted.)

I didn’t do that and would never use slurs, me and the person who told me to kill myself were both banned after what happened in that image. I guess what I did (which was still very wrong) was interpreted that way, or that was the closest ban reason for what I did.

If you don’t believe me I don’t blame you, but I promise you I would’ve never been allowed on stereo if I was going around using slurs.

Sorry – your appeal has been denied at this time.

Sorry – your appeal has been denied at this time.