Unturned Official Ban Appeal

I was banned almost a year ago (20.05.2023) by decision of moderation team. I believe reasoning was in me being too political with some showcases (and in general) and my “less than friendly” acting in modding/offtopic chats. I have regret about bringing up politics anywhere in internet at this point and already removed most signs of anything political from my accounts. What comes to other any heated topic arguments in UO I wish I’d rather held them outside that server or not held them at all. I was in unturned official for a long time as modder and as community member and i’d like to go back promising not to do same mistakes again.

User ID: 386785849855180802

Hey @Postman,

There were a handful of users banned/moderated around that time – a majority of these were for similar reasons. Given the nature of the content posted, and that it was a repeat issue, we have rejected most of the appeals from the users who participated in that conduct as we don’t feel enough time has passed.

You may consider appealing again when more time has passed.


Appeal rejected at this time – insufficient time has passed.