Unturned Official Discord Appeal

I was banned from the Unturned Discord more than 3 weeks ago and I stumbled upon a request to get unbanned

One of the reasons that I got banned were false, which was “scamming”, as I never did it, and was irrelevant towards the entire time I was in the Unturned Discord server, which was later proven with a PDF that I never scammed

They also described community with a quantity of people less than 10, but since that is what I’m accused with, I’m sorry for the reasons that got me banned and if I get unbanned I’ll barely talk / respond to avoid any conflicts

Discord ID - 752716303847915570
Discord Tag - Ahmed Qureshi#0001

Please, do share that PDF. I am quite curious as to what it says.


Wording it like a court document seems really goofy when its written in ESL tier English but whatever. That is not the PDF is I was looking for, it is of no consequence to me since it concerns your partnership with FoxHosting.

Yonus I can understand why you felt the need to post that but we are well aware as to what Ahmed did or didn’t say in the Discord, no need to post screencaps.

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Since I’m the staff member that punished you. I’ll have the say in whether or not you’re unbanned or not.

After reading your appeal, and your past punishment history and your actions in general. I’m going to deny this appeal.

I just think it’s funny lol

You’re goofy

It got better english than you :joy:

Appeal was denied.