Unturned Official Discord Ban Appeal

hello i have currently made a new account in discord cause i got warns in a server i was in (not in the unturned) i talked to the mods in that server and they fixed it but since they couldnt unwarn me i was like might as well create a new account so i did and joined unturned server and i talk to some nice people and i had fun but one of the mods says that im an alt of a person called “krazy kat” and banned me for ban evasion my old account was name Browstones#8618 and i left it so my friends tell me that i got banned cause my account was recent and they were suspecting that it was another alt (without proof) i hope you can see this and hope we can get in contact in discord the names is TheCrusader#1443

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Wait, is this about me or someone else called “krazy cat”?

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Sorry about the ban one of the staff carried out. You probably joined at the time another user was banned, and your talked in a way that made some people suspect.

I’ve unbanned you. Be sure to check the rules and try to behave in a manner that wont arouse the attention of mods.


seems like a bit of a shitty thing to do to tell someone who was randomly falsely banned for no reason just for (presumably) typing in a similar style to someone who was banned previously to “try to behave in a manner that won’t arouse the attention of mods” as if the moderator is not at fault.

Is having the similar typing style and manner of speaking to someone you have no idea about something you can try not to do and something that is your fault? And you’re “attracting the attention of mods” for doing so? Which is reason to be banned? Surely the moderator who did that could be found and talked to about it. That’s really stupid

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No need to speak for the person while not knowing any context on how it led to the ban. I sure hope this isn’t based on the post you deleted beforehand.

I already talked it out with the responsible mod. He settled it with direct apologies and such on Discord afterwards.