Unturned Official Discord server ban appeal

Hello, I’ve been recently banned from the official server because of the reason “Spamming”. All I was trying to do is make people not able to argue in my own thread, so I had to flood the thread with messages (which wouldn’t disturb anyone not in).

I got banned for trying to evade people from arguing while those people were saying that they would go to another thread to continue arguing.

I was banned by G e n, as I saw the message before I got banned.

Thank you for reading and your attention.
My Discord name and IDs are Alex_Gallego2005#4412 and 346956076496846858

Understand that the server rules apply to all discussions on the server, regardless of which channel or thread it occurs in.

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I understand that, but I was just trying to stop it.

I can’t seem to understand that the people that are starting all the arguing and splitting the community are all fine with no ever warnings whatsoever.

It can’t be fair.

This was my initial post. And they tried to rephrase my words…


The phrase ‘Can we agree to return Unturned Official to normal’ implies the posts made recently are not normal, whatever your definition of ‘normal’ is. Regardless of what your original intention was with those words, such a phrase can be seen as an insult to the LGBTQ community of Unturned.

While I appreciate that you explained your actions of spamming a message in the thread, such an action is against server rules and will be met with moderation action, which is the case here. I understand your reasoning, but you should not have resorted to such behavior.

I can change your ban to a tempban, but you are not getting unbanned now.


Hello Genestic, when I made the message I had no bad intentions, and I even explained what I meant by “normal”. And even after I explained it they tried to rephrase my words to make me see as some kind of homophobic or something by the style.

If you want, I’d like to continue having an argument about what has been happening lately in private. I will send you a friend request to talk to you, so please accept it if you want to talk about it too. I even have proof that some people just want to start discussing and continue splitting the community even more.

And about the ban; I would really appreciate it if you could change it to a temporal ban, as I understand that spamming is wrong, and I did it.

Thank you very much,

This isn’t relevant to ban inquiry – ultimately, you were correctly banned for spamming. Users are allowed to make LGBTQ+ posts in the Unturned Discord server. Users are not allowed to derail those posts to attack others.

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Appeal inquiry was answered. Permanent ban rejected; may be changed to a temp ban.