Unturned on console is down horrendously

yes i know this forum is solely for the pc version for unturned and im clearly wasting my time typing this here. BUT FUNLABS OR CRADLE GAMES who ever is now in charge for the console port. they are shitting bricks. the lack of communication from them is not acceptable. the latest elver update brought so many bugs to the game, to the point that old gen user from xbox one cant even play the game with massive fps drops. @.nelson i dont know how much power you have or even if u have say in anything they do. LIKE what is their future plan with the game or what’s the limit of how far they will go with integrating pc features to console port???/


  1. have unturned on xbox be free on xbox game pass. same goes for PSN (psn plus or psn now idk)
  2. FIX the duping glitch with the blowtorch(its infinite ammo glitch) and THIRD PERSON crosshair shooting. the crosshair constantly moves when shooting at something or moving while shooting. third person pvp is non exist
  3. BRING ARENA MODE TO CONSOLE. WHY? because its what sorta popular in todays games. which is battle royal and thats what arena is similar to only if its being played on bigger maps like washington or pei not alpha valley (add that map too) KIDS WILL GO CRAZY FOR IT. plus they will get better at pvp
  4. and after everything is said and done, Please for god sake REMAKE the damn unturned trailer for console. cause its absolutely the opposite from what its portrayed. it be looking like a freaking mobile game.

p.s n thanks bb. love ya nelson your game will thrive

“a couple of weeks” its not been a whole month and a half. and NOTHING

they released patch update… https://twitter.com/UnturnedConsole/status/1478034761906102277


This one isn’t a new issue, we all died when we first saw it.


If we’re being honest here

Your dealing with a company who made shitty cabellas games and duck dynasty

So don’t expect any good communication


then im not sure why in the world nelson partner up with them in the first place. my guess is he wanted to start cheap. now he will learn down in the road with experience


stay unturned

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>using a console
There’s your problem, lmao


I feel like the really cheap, but time-consuming option would have been to do it all by himself, although I don’t know what all is involved in developing for console. Looking at how the trailer turned out, I guess I don’t disagree with that choice seeming too cheap though. The curated maps have better trailers and that’s more of a hobby than an actual job for them.


gotta work with what you have.

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@downbad You poor bastard. God help you for no one else can.

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ok funny guy but asking for a functional game or even just communication isn’t asking for a whole lot
not everyone can afford a PC


I absolutely agree with this. I know it’s uncommon for console ports/games to be free to play and you need to pay for it some price because this is how everything works, but at least make it into a subscription(-s). Unturned isn’t a big titile it’s a FREE TO PLAY zombie indie game made by young canadian and 100% it MUST be implemented into PSN or Xbox game pass.
Come on FunLabs / Cradle Games / 505…


Of course they need to do, Arena mode is legendary. (joke)

I don’t know surely, controls on consoles aren’t suitable for PvP.

So I have a better suggestion: maybe horde mode for console? I mean if PC 3.0 will not get it maybe they will at least bring it to console? It’s kinda a different game and all the source code and mechanics are still in PC version (some things are a bit broken though), so let’s say maybe they will bother completing and adding it. This will distinguish Unturned Console from the original game and players will likely accept it.

YES. Re-make the trailer and finally put some efforts into it as it was originally supposed.

In conclusion, I agree with almost all of your points. And also, I see you tried to ping Nelson, let me do this I just know how to. I hope he will read.



The only reason I could think of is money. I refuse to believe that he thought they would do the game justice. You can’t really in good conscience believe that, with a track record like that.

Fingers crossed. Don’t know the exact license agreement he signed but I doubt he’d be allowed to tell us anyway. Really hope its not one of those “I get to do whatever I want” ones.


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